50th Anniversary Party Ideas

Golden anniversary
Our Golden Anniversary

Marriage, by all means, is challenging to maintain, given all the possible avenues a couple can argue about. If you have managed to keep your marriage intact for 10 years, you deserve much praise. Maintain it for 25 years and you are automatically a model for every young couple. If you make the marriage work for 50 years, you already deserve a grand 50th anniversary party.

The 50th wedding anniversary is associated with gold, representing the feat’s rarity and sheer difficulty. The sterling color is prominent in the celebrated couple’s clothing, presents and party decorations. When planning for a 50th anniversary party, you should apply the same motif. Gold, as it appears, is the only thing precious enough to stand for the love and the dedication showed by the couple toward their marriage.

A Gold Standard Invitation

  • Design - 50th anniversary party invitations are made to be elegant. They are marked with lovely golden patterns and small ornaments like ribbons and lace. Golden letterings, which further accentuate the invite’s aesthetic value, are used for all the pages and the envelope. As for the scent, a sweet-smelling perfume is sprayed on all of the invite’s components. Remember, when making the invitation, your objective is to make the guests feel the event’s grandness.
  • invitation
    the 50th anniversary party invitation
    Reading the anniversary party program
    The golden anniversary envelope
  • Contents - The invitation serves as the party’s program guide. The schedule of activities is displayed, including the participants and facilitators for each. You can also include the meals that will be served, so the information will be more comprehensive. At the last part of the invite, place a picture of the couple with a nifty tagline or a thank you note.
  • Envelope - The envelope, being the invitation’s carrier, should not be left out, when it comes to the design. It should bear the same pattern as the invite, including the scent. In gold letters, place the name of the couple at the back-middle portion. Add a ribbon or some lace, if you feel the design lacks impact.

Married Life Begins at 50

The 50th anniversary party is strictly a formal affair, but that doesn’t mean everyone should be uptight for the entire night. You can organize a number of exciting events that will surely liven up the crowd. You can also pay homage to the couple in a pretty creative and touching manner.

    dancing couple
    Dancing couple of their 50th Anniversary

  • The Dance - The anniversary party, just like a wedding reception, has a set of ceremonial dances. They are not compulsory, but having them makes the event more remarkable. Let the couple dance to the tunes of their favorite romantic songs and watch them relive the moments when they were still newlyweds.
  • The Renewal of Vows - The renewal of vows is a sign that the couple is willing to take a new journey in their marriage, strengthening the ties that currently bind them. It may be a simple exchange of speeches in front of everyone, but it will probably go down as the most significant event for the night.
  • The White House Greeting - A 50-year marriage is such a feat that the most powerful people in the world are in awe. Call the White House. Request the president or any influential politician to phone in his or her greeting to the couple during the anniversary party. When the husband and wife hear the president’s voice, they will instantly feel how special a 50-year marriage is.
  • Video Presentation - Compile select pictures and video clips of the couple during the significant points of their wedding and roll them into one video. Include graphics, captions, one-liners and a touching soundtrack. If the video was well made, the couple and the guests will reflect the emotions conveyed by your presentations. Chances are, everyone will be teary-eyed right after watching.
  • Check this out nice touching heart Golden Anniversary Movie.

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  • Speeches and Performances - The attendants will line up, one-by-one, to say their praises and sincere messages to the couple. Aside from reciting speeches, they can sing, recite poetry or even do a dance number. The celebrants, at the end of the day, will truly be touched by everyone’s efforts.
  • toast
    Lets have a toast

  • The Toast - After the speeches, all the guests can pay homage to the couple by proposing a toast. This act commemorates the feat of being together for 50 years and an obligation to maintain the celebrated relationship. The toast usually goes like this - “To another 50 years,” or “To the first 50 and to the next 50.”

The party activities highlight the marriage and its best moments. They show how a connection, when tendered with truth and integrity, can blossom into a long-standing bond worthy of celebrations.

Presenting - The Presents

The presents for the couple should ideally be in-line with a 50-year anniversary’s official color - gold. Gold-colored items are the predominant gifts during the celebration. You can go for something luxurious or something that the couple will truly appreciate.

  • Golden Jewelry - If a strong marriage is life’s best adornment, a set of golden jewelry will probably come in second. A glistening pair of earrings, a bracelet, a ring and a necklace look good when worn. In addition, each jewelry piece acts as a badge for the couple’s timeless affection for one another. Upon wearing, the husband and wife will be reminded of their marriage ’s significance.
  • A Bouquet of Violets - The official flower of a 50-year anniversary is the violet. Purchase several bouquets and arrange them in elegant vases, preferably golden. Come the anniversary party, hand them over to the couple. You might be surprised at how the blooms and vases blend with the celebration’s theme and mood.
  • The Golden Tickets - Giving the couple a pair of tickets for a concert, stage play, or if you’re wealthy, an out-of-town trip, comes as the couple’s second honeymoon. Through the tickets, they can hold their own private celebration after the party. Tie a golden lace or ribbon to the tickets, prior to handing them over, so you will conform with the 50th anniversary theme.
  • Golden Egyptian Cuff.
    Golden Egyptian Cuff.
    Violet flowers
    Colorful violet flowers
    Golden Tickets
    Golden tickets for couples
  • Home Appliances - People who are celebrating 50th anniversaries are at the stage of their lives when dainty homes and personal convenience come as primary interests. If you give the married couple a fine furniture piece, they will be more than excited to display your present or to put it into good use.
  • Painting/Literature/Music - Married couples thoroughly appreciate artistic gifts, especially if the items pertain to their marriage. For artists, you can paint your interpretation of the couple’s marriage and place it in a gold frame. Writers, on the other hand, can write stories or poetry regarding love and a successful marriage. Partner the artistic creations with a CD that contains the couple’s favorite songs.
  • Retouched Newspaper - Download a copy of a newspaper released at the day when the couple was married. Retouch it using Adobe Photoshop and change the headlines into an article dedicated to the couple’s wedding. Have it printed on newspaper paper then give it to the couple at the party. The newspaper will then act as a time portal where the couple will remember the things that happened when they were still newly married, including the passion of all newly weds.

A present is more than just an obligation. It is a way of giving a part of yourself to the celebrants, given the way it reflects the giver’s personality. Choose your present carefully, so the couple can celebrate your good intentions the way you celebrated their 50th anniversary. (Want to know the top gifts on wedding anniversary, read Top ten wedding anniversary gifts)

Swing the Sentimental Way

Music sets the mood and enhances the theme of any celebration. Of course, it is critical for a grand celebration such as a 50th anniversary party. The party music should make the couple feel special and at the same time, appealing to the guests. Good thing you have a handful of good options.

    DJ in the house!

  • The DJ and a Good Sound System - Having a DJ and a good quality sound system are needed for every 50th anniversary party. Prepare an appropriate playlist and hand it to the DJ. Ask him to play tracks that are similar to your playlist’s contents. Come the anniversary party, everyone will bear the right mood, even before the married couple appears.
  • Jazz, Blues and Soul Singer/Band - A live performance is more intense than music played on the radio. As expected, stronger emotions are generated from the performers. Hire an exceptional band or singer for the celebration. Since the celebrants prefer soul or jazz music, scout bands at hotel bars and jazz clubs. You can also get a harp player if you want elegant dreamy music.

Combining the DJ and the live performers is the ideal setup for most anniversary parties. If you look at the attributes of both closely, you’ll have a balance of intensity and versatility, which are the perfect qualities of party music.

Golden Celebration for a Golden Marriage

A 50th anniversary celebration is a grand event dedicated to a relationship that defies the test of time. The idea is to organize a commemorative party that is nearly as splendid as the celebrated marriage. With a good plan and some consultation with the celebrants, you can put up a celebration that is worth remembering. If you enjoyed reading this article, might as well read how to make your marriage last.

Lets watch this movie and feel their happiness as they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

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