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Greek Party Ideas

Greeks partying during a game
Many of us are fascinated with the Mediterranean and when we talk of this region, one country always comes to mind: Greece. With its beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, interesting culture and friendly people, this European country has definitely become a favorite among tourists worldwide.

Why not bring Greece into your home? Have a Greek party theme on your next celebration. Having a Greek party is a lot of fun and it can fit any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, reunion, anniversary, wedding or even if it’s just a simple dinner get-together, this theme will suit your event. Of course, it also involves a lot of preparations. There are many factors to consider for a Greek party to be successful.

Greeky Invites

greek invitations
Cute greek invitations
Many party supply stores can provide invites to suit any occasion. If you’re looking for formal Greek invites, find those with simple white columns and ivy designs. There are also casual-looking invitations with Greek characters (like Hercules) or cartoon caricatures in toga costumes that’ll suit your Greek theme.

You can also make your own Greek invitations. Homemade ones look more special but they can be time-consuming. You also need to squeeze out your creative juices.

One idea is to make Greek scrolls. Use parchment paper and write the details in gold or silver ink. Seal them with blue and gold ribbons or plastic laurel leaves and you’re all set.

Another idea is to print a European map on cardstock paper. Mark an “X” over Greece, then draw an arrow pointing to it. Write something like “This is where we’re heading!”. Inside the card, print the details about the party.

To make sure your guests have ample time to clear their schedules and prepare for the party, mail the invitations at least two weeks before the celebration. You can indicate whether they need to RSVP to the event or not.

Party Like The Greeks

Since you can’t bring your guests to the Greek islands, you should bring the islands to them. You have to make your party venue look and feel like an authentic Greek hotspot so they’ll really feel the theme. There are numerous ways to do these — here are a few ideas to help you out.

  • urns
    Ancient terra cotta urns
    Settle for clean, refreshing colors for your motif. Green and white or light blue and white are great color schemes you can use. Another idea is to use azure blue and white. These are the colors of the Greek flag. Accent them with golden hues for a more pleasing look.
  • Greek is famous for its lovely architecture. Get different kinds of classical statue busts columns and terra cotta urns and put them around the place. You can either buy or rent these. If you have time, you can make paper mache ones and color them using white or gray paint.
  • Put up posters of famous Greek tourist spots around the venue, like the Parthenon, Mount Olympus, the city of Athens, and beautiful Greek beaches.
  • Get plastic or real grapevines and ivy and string them around your walls and the columns. They’ll be lovely alternative to streamers. You can also let them trail on the ground but make sure you secure them properly so no one will trip over them.
  • Place clear glass bowls filled with olives and laurel leaves on the tables for beautiful centerpieces. You can also use sand, shells and blue-tinged water since Greece is also popular for its lovely beaches.
  • oil lamps
    An old-school oil-burning lamp
    Oil-burning lamps add an old-fashioned look and lovely lighting to your venue.
  • Drape and sway gold and white gossamer across the walls, ceilings and the edges of the table skirting. Twist them together for a more pleasing look.
  • Put the national flag on one side of the room.
  • Use white and blue tablecloths to cover various surfaces. You can also use light white fabric to cover your chairs and other modern-looking furniture.
  • Get clear votive candle holders, and paint metallic gold stripes around their base. Put white candles on them.
  • Get white clam shells and write the names of the guests on them with gold glitter markers. Use these as lovely placecards.
  • Use plastic white cutlery and styrofoam paper plates for your feast. To make them look lovelier, draw Roman numerals or Greek letters on the handles of the cutlery and around the plates. Before distributing them to the guests, tie the spoon, fork and knives with golden ribbon.
  • Play soft traditional Greek music throughout the party.

Donning The Toga

Sexy toga costumes for the party
The dress code for your Greek party will be up to you. Most hosts just let their guests come in their most comfortable clothing, like jeans or dresses, but if you want to make your party more enticing and exciting, then here’s a better idea: make it a toga party. Ask everyone to come in their best toga costume. The toga is the traditional costume worn by men and women during the ancient times. It’ll be so much fun to see everyone milling around and wearing these garments. You’ll feel like gods and goddesses roaming around Greece.

Toga costumes can be easily bought and there are numerous costume stores that sell this kind of garment but if you don’t want to spend too much money on these, you can simply make one yourself.

Many people use bedsheets in different colors for their togas, but if you want to save cash, use plain cloth instead. A single sheet costs more than several yards of fabric. Besides, you’ll only be using the toga for a day.

Togas are either secured by tying, sewing or using safety pins. Men’s togas look different from women. Girls prefer conservative, fashionable and sleek-looking togas, while most guys just want to look funny.

Here’s an easy way to make a toga.

  1. Get four to five yards of cloth, in whatever color you want. White is traditional, but most people today opt for other hues.
  2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, shape the fabric in the form of a semi-circle.
  3. Make an additional cut at the top center of the semi-circle, at least 1/4 to 1/3 inches into the fabric’s center.
  4. Hem the ends of the fabric if you want, to prevent it from fraying.
  5. Wrap an end of the semi-circle around your waist. Then secure the corner to the left side of your body using a safety pin. Do the same for the right side.
  6. The fabric should be hanging up to your knees.
  7. Throw the remaining fabric over your left shoulder.
  8. Fasten with a brooch or a safety pin.
  9. If the fabric is too long, wrap it several times around your body. You can also bring the toga’s loose end and tuck it in your waist or clip it with a safety pin.

Here’s a video with instructions on how to tie a toga.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Now that you’ve got the toga, you need to pair it up with the right accessories. Use leather sandals for your footwear and wear different kinds of jewelry and amulets. Wrap a leather belt or silver chain around your waist. The guys can also bring plastic swords to establish that gladiator look.

A laurel wreath is also a lovely addition to a toga costume. You can either get fresh or fake laurel leaves, wrap them around a wire shaped like a circle, and fit it around the head. If you want, you can make many wreaths and give them out at the party.

Fun Greeky Activities

Being Greek for a day is a lot of fun, but you can make it more enjoyable by planning delightful activities that’ll entertain your guests. Try these ideas to add more life into your party.

  • greek party
    Picture perfect photo of a greek party
    Picture Perfect – Create a backdrop where your guests can take pictures. It can be as simple as a metallic Greek curtain or as extravagant as a column with hanging vines. Take out your Polaroid and have everyone’s photos taken.
  • Greece Trivia Quiz – How much do your guests know about Greece and its culture? Prepare questions on Greek mythology, places, customs and traditions and have a quiz for everyone. The person who answers the most questions wins a prize.
  • Bob For Olives – It’s like bobbing for apples, but with a Greek twist. You need wide-mouth bowls or glasses and olives for this game. If you don’t have olives, you can use grapes. Fill the containers with water or martini, the put several olives in them. At your signal, everyone should bob for the olives or grapes in their glasses. The person who gets all his or her olives first wins the game.
  • greek dancing
    Fun dancing, Greek style!
    Mini-Olympics - The Olympics was born in Greece so planning this type of activity is very appropriate. You can hold this in your yard or in the park. Have events like a relay race, jump rope, basketball, tennis, wrestling, and 100-meter dash.
  • Greek Movie Fest – Put on a Greek inspired film for everyone to watch, like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” When they’re tired from partying, they can just sit down and watch.

A Taste Of Greece

Make a satisfying Greek banquet to satisfy your guests. No Greek party is complete without authentic Mediterranean cuisine so make sure to prepare a generous spread.

The most dominant ingredients and flavors in Greek cuisine include honey, olive oil, lemon, olives, eggplant, lamb, seafood and herbs. Here are some food ideas you can try.

  • Meze Platter - Known as “small bites,” this is a very important part of Greek culture, consisting of tasty cooked morsels and assembled nibbles. It is are served with drinks as yummy appetizers. Create a meze platter with feta cheese chunks, stuffed grape leaves, olives, pita bread wedges, spanakopita and dips like Greek Eggplant dip and hummus. Serve with the popular Greek liquor Ouzo.
  • Grilled Chicken With Feta, Red Pepper And Oregano Salad - A delightful salad dish consisting of grilled chicken and feta, accentuated by aromatic herbs.
  • meze platter
    A mouth-watering Meze Platter
    Lamb Souvlaki
    Have a delicious Lamb Souvlaki with Tzatziki
  • Lamb Souvlaki with Tzatziki – A tasty and savory lamb and pita sandwiches.
  • baklava
    A tasty Baklava
    Nectarines With Lavender, Honey and Greek Yogurt - A refreshing dessert combining delicious fruit with three popular Greek flavors.
  • Baklava - A rich, sweet pastry made from layers of filo dough, filled with chopped nuts and sweetened wirh honey or syrup.

Accompany your Greek dishes with beverages like beer, grape juice and red wine. Delicious Greek coffee can also be served after a heavy meal.

Greek Party Favors

Before your guests leave, give them some party souvenirs. For example, hand out personalized stem flutes imprinted with your Greek party theme. Books about Greek mythology or movies like “Troy” or “The Odyssey” will also serve as useful and entertaining giveaways.

Another fun idea is to give them personalized Greek frames. Put photos of your guests inside these picture frames while they were enjoying the party.

greek books
Greek mythology books are perfect for giveaways
greek mythology
Have your guest enjoy this book going home

You can also give out golden laurel crowns to them. You can either buy them or make them yourself.

You don’t have to from Greece to enjoy a Greek celebration. Try this exciting party theme and use these ideas and you and your guests will see and feel how wonderful this Mediterranean culture is.

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