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Lingerie Party Ideas

Friends enjoy a lingerie party at home
Friends enjoy a lingerie party at home
When you were a young girl, you used to go to children’s parties that had simple but enjoyable kiddie themes and activities. These parties were fun, but since you’re now all grown up, you can’t go to these events anymore. Instead, you might plan or get invited to adult parties that have kinky and naughty themes. For example, you and your close girl friends could hold a fun lingerie theme party. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

A lingerie party is a type of fun gathering where the costumes are different kinds of lingerie. Usually, women go to these events, although men are sometimes invited. The event usually requires the guests to wear their sexiest and most daring underwear and model them around. Most of the time, lingerie parties are held as bridal shower events or as bachelorette parties. It’s a fun and exclusive get-together strictly for adults.

Friends at a Lingerie Party
Friends enjoy a lingerie party

Lingerie parties are often held in exclusive places, such as in the home of the hostess or in a private function room of a hotel. There are also lingerie shops that cater to parties.

Just like other parties, a lingerie theme also has numerous fun activities, such as dancing, eating and playing games like Truth or Dare, board games and kissing games. At the wildest lingerie parties, there’s even a makeshift stage in the area, allowing the guests to participate in a striptease contest.

As for the refreshments, cocktails, alcoholic drinks and easy-to-eat hors d’ oeuvres are served. The planners are careful not to serve food and drinks that are too heavy, since it might ruin the sexy look brought about by the lingerie.

Planning a lingerie party is easy. There are some women who even hold one spontaneously. They go lingerie shopping and then model their purchases for each other in one of their houses. As for the food, they simply get some chips and beer, or order pizza. There are also women who want their lingerie party to be well-organized. They then hire party consultants to plan the event so they won’t have anything to worry about.

A lingerie party is a fun, naughty and exciting way to have a great time with your friends. So get out your sexy panties and prepare to show off some skin. Enjoy!

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