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Popcorn Party Ideas

popcorn girl
Cute girl with her popcorn
Sometimes, the best parties are the ones where you can just put your feet up and chill with your friends. Pop in the DVD, and marathon your favorite TV shows like Friends or Sex and the City. Of course, no marathon is complete without, you guessed it, popcorn! Popcorn is not only a comfort food, but is also the most popular snack when it comes to watching TV and movies. For this very reason alone, it’s a great idea to make even the most normal of sleepovers into a popcorn party.

Popcorn parties can also mean renting out a whole movie theater for yourself and for your friends. You will have the run of the place and be comfortable watching the movie any way you please. Popcorn parties can also be an alternative to foam parties, where they use buckets of popcorn instead of foam.

The most popular popcorn parties are still the simplest ones. Here are a few suggestions to make your popcorn party the most awesome night of the year.

Sweet Party Invitations

Popcorn invitation
Popcorn parties are very casual, so you can invite your friends via text, telephone or even send them e-card invitations. However, if you’re up to making more of an effort, you can send invitations designed to look like popcorn containers, movie tickets or soda cups.

Another great invitation idea is to print your invitation card to look like the cover of a DVD. At the back, print the back cover of the DVD and change the text of the blurb to reflect the details of the party, and what your guests will have to bring. No sleepover can be a sleepover without a proper pair of pajamas, after all.

Poppin’ Party Decorations

Most popcorn containers are designed in red and white stripes, and you can take this simple design right into your party for your streamers and banners. String up popcorn-shaped balloons, cheerful red, white or yellow tablecloths and white, orange and yellow carnation flowers in tall popcorn cups to make tongue-in-cheek centerpiece items.

Taffy strings with popcorn stuck on them are also popular decorations (especially during Christmas), but if you’re feeling a little iffy about using real candy as decorations, you can always use strings of pink crepe with cut-outs of popcorn pictures stuck on them all throughout your party space.

Red and white tablecloth
Colorful carnation flowers

To make it feel like a real movie theater experience (if you’re not renting out an actual one) set up a concessionaire stand where you can “sell” candies, chocolate, popcorn, cotton candy, chips and soda.

If you’re having a popcorn party at home, the real main event is your television. Try to make television viewing as comfortable as possible. Most sleepovers clear away the usual living room furniture to make way for beds, mattresses and futons. You can also have big comfy chairs, beanie bags, and little coffee tables to hold your food and drink. You should also have all your DVDs at the ready, so you can all decide on what to watch that night. Don’t lose your trusty remote control and the telephone in case you need to make late-night food delivery calls.

Stupendous Popcorn Party Activities

There are loads of other things you can do with popcorn in a popcorn party, and if you want to have an activity other than just vegging out, you can do some of these games with your friends:

  • Popcorn Relay. Set up two large bowls or buckets on two ends of a room. One bucket is filled with popcorn, the other is empty. Divide your guests into two or three groups and have them fill the empty bucket with popcorn from the full one, one tablespoon at a time. The first team that fills it up, wins.
  • Popcorn Topping Experiment. There are a lot of popcorn flavors around, but who knows, you may just be the inventor of the next big popcorn flavor. Try chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, cheese, and even mustard. Have fun with the flavors and see what you can come up with.
  • Popcorn Fight. Who said food fights were just for kids? As long as you have a vacuum cleaner handy, and lots of popcorn for ammunition, let the fight begin!
  • Popcorn Art. Have a creative time making pictures out of popcorns. Using popcorn and food coloring, make pictures out of popcorn and you can even use the popcorn kernel itself as an unusual kind of “brush.”

  • cheese
    Flavored cheese popcorn
    Popcorn fight
    Popcorn eating game

  • Popcorn Trivia. Compile a list of trivia questions about popcorn or pop culture. At the start of the game, everyone must bend over. The trivia questions can be answered with “yes” or “no”. If the participant thinks “yes” is the correct answer to your questions, he or she must “pop up”. If he or she thinks the answer is “no” he or she must remain bent downward. Those who have answered incorrectly are automatically out of the game and the trivia will continue, until only one is left.
  • Popcorn and Straws. Participants must remove as many kernels of popcorn as they can within a minute, using only a straw. The person who gets to remove the most popcorn, wins.
  • Popcorn Eating Game. See who gets to eat the most boxes of popcorn in this game. Keep a glass of water handy for each of your participants, just in case!
  • Popcorn Tower. Divide your teams into groups of three or four. Each team gets a popcorn bucket, which they must fill. They must also make a popcorn tower to go as high as they can, using butter or cheese to help hold the popcorn kernels together. If their tower falls, the team is disqualified. The highest popcorn tower wins the team the prize.

At the end of all these great activities, have a relaxing time just watching TV or chilling out with your mates.

All Kinds of Popcorn for Your Party

Experiment with different kinds of popcorn food, movie theater food and other classic and favorite treats for your popcorn party.

  • Popcorn from Scratch. While microwaved popcorn is always our number one option when it comes to watching movies, maybe it’s time to ring up some changes for your party. It’s very easy to make popcorn from scratch: For every 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels, heat three tablespoons of any high smoke point oil. Put in three kernels first, and once they pop, remove from heat, put the rest of the kernels in and cover it with a lid. Count up to 30 seconds and there you have it: the perfect popcorn from scratch, minus the disgusting burns. For more information, read how to make stove top popcorn.
  • Popcorn Balls. Making popcorn balls is a fun group activity that yields tasty results. Using one cup sugar, half a cup molasses, a tablespoon of butter and ¼ teaspoon of salt and another teaspoon of vinegar, melt the butter into a saucepan and add the sugar and syrup. Cook without syrup until it’s hot enough. Remove from the heat and pour on popcorn kernels spread out in a pan. Make sure the kernels are well coated. You can then shape them into balls and wrap in waxed paper.

  • Popcorn Cake
    Popcorn cake
    popcorn mix
    Popcorn mix

  • Popcorn Mix. Mix popcorn, nuts, M&Ms, pretzel sticks and other things you think would mix well with popcorn. Every bite is a real surprise. (How about creating a colored popcorn, learn how to make colored popcorn)
  • Popcorn Cake. Your nearest bakery will most likely be able to make a popcorn party-themed cake for you, but if you’re in a hurry, you can just buy a simple, unadorned vanilla or butter cake with lots of white icing. You can then sprinkle caramel popcorn all over the top to have an instant popcorn cake.

With the company of your good friends and family, even the simplest popcorn party can become totally amazing. Of course, you need loads and loads of popcorn, which is easy to find and inexpensive, to boot. Have a great time at your popcorn party.

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