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Sex Toy Party Ideas

Sex toys for women
They may not always admit it, but women are just as wild and raunchy as men. They are just as sensual, and they also like having sexy and steamy escapades. For some women, they let all their urges out when they’re with their romantic partner. Others let loose in a unique and fun way — by hosting an adult party, like a sex toy party. For kinky and fun-loving women, this is definitely an event worth having.

Sex toy parties are becoming as popular as jewelry or Tupperware parties. While many women hold it in compliance with a sex toy company to sell sex toy merchandise and make income, others use it to simply bond with their friends or to celebrate a special event, like a bridal shower. It’s a bold, modern and kinky way to celebrate girls’ night. Here are some fun and sensual pointers for a successful and sexy event.

Get Started

Before you can host a traditional sex toy party, you must first coordinate with a company that sells these products. They will provide you with the sex toy products that you will need and those you want to sell. They will also assist you with numerous party details. Find a company that suits your taste and make sure you’re comfortable with the products you want to market.

Collection of sex toys.
Examples of sex toys you can include in your party are:

  • Dildos
  • Vibrators
  • Ben Wa Balls
  • Kegel Exercisers
  • Nipple Clamps
  • Spa lotions and bath products
  • Lingerie
  • Massage gels and lubricant

Most companies will also allow you to book your party online, although some require you to get directly in touch with their local representatives. They’ll give you a company catalog and a starter kit so you can familiarize yourself with the products. During the event, they’ll bring the products you picked for the event.

Once you’ve agreed with the sex toy distributor, you can now set the date, pick the venue and start partying.

Sexy Invites

Sexy invatation for the party
Most sex toy distributors include party invitations in their services. They provide ready-made invites containing their company name and the hostess’ name. All the hostess has to do is print the details and mail them to invited ladies.

If the sex toy company doesn’t provide invitations, or if you think the ones they gave don’t suit your taste, you can make your own invitations. With a bit of creativity, you can whip up a delightful invitation that’ll entice your guests to attend. One idea is to print invitations on plain white cardboard paper. Wrap the cardboard with see-through black lace, just big enough for the guests to read the wordings. Place the invitations in pink and black envelopes and mail them.

You can also send naughty lingerie. Get thongs, g-strings and lace panties in red, black and white, and put them individually inside small silk pouches. You can attach a tag containing the party details to the bag or you can just insert a small card inside with all the information.

Be creative and kinky when choosing your words. Naughty wordplay will make your guests more interested in the event. Include words like “Get ready for some wild playtime, girl!” or “It’s all about sex and sexy female fun! Go to ___’s sex toy party and be ready for a sensual and exciting experience!” Wordings make your invitations more noticeable and your event more irresistible.

Sexy Ware And Sexy Wear

Bunny dress provides sexyness.
Since it’s all about sex, flirting and female fun, it’s great if you can ask your girlfriends to attend the party in various costumes. In fact, why not make your sex toy party a sexy costume party? Your female girlfriends can come wearing their best seductive costume, like sexy French maid, kinky school girl or the Playboy bunny.

Another great idea is to ask everyone to come in their best lingerie attire. Tell them to wear their naughtiest and most intimate underwear underneath their clothes. At the party, everyone can strip. It’s not embarrassing, since you’re all girls. To entice them, you can even give out awards like “Best Stripper” or “Sexiest Lingerie”.

One reminder: inform your guests about the dress code by noting it in the invitations. It’s only fair to give them ample time to prepare their costumes. They’ll surely look forward to dressing up sexily at your event.

Sex Sex Sex

You need to vamp up and add spice to your venue to make it look mature, sexy and appropriate for the event. Your guests need to feel how intimate and fun the event is, while still being able to observe the different sex toys you’ve laid out. Here are some helpful pointers you can try.

  • Think seductive hues for your motif. Go for red, silver, black, hot pink or purple. You can also combine two colors for a more pleasing look, like black and red or purple and silver. When you get streamers, balloons and confetti, get them in these colors.
  • You can also decide on a particular theme for your decoration. For example, have a Sex On The Beach theme. It’s like a Hawaiian party, with leis, tropical plants and colorful hues all around.
  • Set up a display area for the sex toys. You can place them on top of a long table covered with a table cloth in your color motif. Another idea is to place them on separate stands, so the guests won’t have to crowd around just one table.
  • Make sure there are representatives from the sex toy company to assist the guests as they look at the toys.
  • See how girls dance to do a striptease! Check out this video.

    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

  • Set up a stage and a pole in one part of the room. This is a fun addition for girls who feel like doing a striptease.
  • Here’s a fun alternative to balloons: blow up condoms instead. Get different colored-ones and place them around the place, on the walls and at the party entrance.
  • Get fabrics like lace, velvet and silk and put them around the place. You can place them on the chairs, tables, walls and even on the floor. Just make sure no one trips on them, though.
  • If you’re celebrating a bridal shower party, get pictures of the bride-to-be and place them on the walls.
  • Light up some incense and candles around the venue. These give the place a seductive bedroom aura.
  • Have some flirty dance music playing in the background.

A Little Sexy Entertainment

During the party, you might encounter dead air and awkward moments that might bore the guests. When this happens, you need to have several interesting party game ideas up your sleeves to break the ice and keep them entertained. Here are some simple ones you can try.

  • Bag Ladies – This is a silly but funny game everyone can play. First, ask the ladies to sit in a circle, facing each other. Then, pass around paper bags to every one of them. While doing so, tell them that they have to put the bag on their head, and they are not to remove it until you say so. When everyone has a paper bag over their head, tell them to remove something they don’t need. This is when the fun begins. Women who catch on quick will take off their paper bags. They can watch the other guests remove other items, like their jewelry, shoes, watch, maybe even more. The lady who realizes last it’s the bag she doesn’t need wins a special prize.
  • 4
    Kinky board games
    Kinky playing cards
  • Roll The Orange - If you don’t mind feeling like little kids again, then this is a great game. You need two oranges and a pair of pantyhose for this. First, put an orange in the leg of the pantyhose, and the other on the floor. Tie the other pantyhose leg around your waist. The objective is to swing the hips, and hit the orange across a designated area in as little time as possible. The one who does it quickest wins a prize. You can even turn this into a relay.
  • Sexy Board Games and Playing Cards – If you want a quiet, but enjoyable activity to keep your guests happy during the whole event, get several sexy games, like Sex, Lies And Rumors, Kama Sutra or Kinky playing card games. It’ll keep everyone shrieking with laughter.

Hot And Sexy Treats for Your Party

No matter how sexy and figure-conscious they are, women will look for something delicious to satiate their appetite. Make sure you’ve got a lavish spread of treats at your party. It’s a great idea to have a caterer, but if you don’t have the luxury or the budget, here are some easy snacks you can prepare.

  • Vegetable Plate With Dip – Get a mix of carrots, celery, and other kinds of veggies and place them on a vegetable plate in an erotic design. Put some onion or ranch dip in the middle.
  • Yummy Taco - Women will love this hot taco dish. Get taco chips and layer them with grated cheese, tomatoers, olives and jalapeno peppers. Put in the oven and let it bake, until the cheese becomes melted. Serve with salsa or sour cream.
  • 6
    Vegetables with dip
    Chocolate fondue
    Seafood salad
  • Chocolate Fondue – Get your fondue machine out and try this yummy idea. Melt some white or milk chocolate onto the fondue. Then, provide an array of fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, marshmallows, cookies and chocolate pieces and let everyone gather round to dip them in the fondue.
  • Seafood Salad – A mix of crab, shrimp and leafy veggies will delight any woman’s vegetarian appetite.

Good food isn’t complete without great drinks. Serve cocktail drinks to your guests, like Bloody Marys, Cosmopolitans and Martinis. Red wine is also a great choice. Make sure you also serve non-alcoholic beverages, so no one will get too drunk.

Here are a few easy cocktail ideas you can prepare.

    Vodka drinks
    Chocolate kiss martini
  • Sex On The Sofa – Made of two parts vodka, two parts cranberry juice, two parts orange juice and one part peach schnapps.
  • Chocolate Kiss Martini – Made of one part crème de cacao, one part Frangelico, one part vodka and one Hershey’s Kiss.
  • Slow Comfy Screw Against The Wall With A Kiss – Made of two parts sloe gin, one part Amaretto, two parts vodka, two parts Southern comfort, one part Galliano and topped with orange juice.

Sexy Giveaways

Kama Sutra book
Make sure your guests get to take home something. Why not give them a Kama Sutra book or video to share with their partner? A bag of chocolate isn’t a bad idea either. You can also give them seductive lingerie to wear during sensual moments. Your guests will surely thank you for these.

Behind every sweet, intelligent and attractive woman is a kinky and sensual tigress ready to pounce. So let loose. Try these ideas and host a fun femme fetale sex toy party. You’ll have a fabulous and unforgettably naughty time with your girlfriends.

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