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Survivor Party Ideas

Survivor game logo
You’re a person who loves the outdoors, and you’re constantly seeking for exhilarating and fun adventures that test you physically and mentally. Since your birthday’s coming up, you’re thinking of a fun celebration that’ll let you enjoy this exciting hobby. Well then, you must try a Survivor party theme! Based on the popular reality TV show, this exciting will give you and your guests a challenging, but wonderful time.

If you’re familiar with Survivor, then you must have an idea what your party will look like, but the problem is you don’t know how to combine all the elements. There are so many things to consider for your party to be successful and unforgettable.

Here are some helpful ideas for a fun Survivor party.

Inviting Them To Survive

Survivor sample invatation
Before you can have a fun Survivor party, you must first “choose” the tribe members. That is, invite your friends and family! You can easily get ready-made invites from party supply stores. They come in different designs, but remember, choose one based on your Survivor theme. Are you thinking of a beach-themed Survivor party or a jungle habitat? Do you want a pirate culture theme, like Pearl Islands?

Another option is to make your own invitations. This is more practical if you want to save money and if you’re the artsy type. With a bit of creativity and some patience, you can create fun invites that’ll make your friends look forward to your party. Here are some helpful ideas you can try

  • Beach Survivor – Get some ocean-colored cardboard and print the party details on it. Then, spread some transparent glue and attach small pieces of shell all over it. You can also sprinkle some sand on it. Put it inside envelope and seal with Survivor logo stickers.
  • Pirate Survivor – Get some construction paper, then burn the edges, to give them a worn out look. Print the details on them. Then, roll them up and place inside empty clear bottles. Seal the bottle, then attach a Survivor logo on it, with the name of the receiver.
  • Jungle Survivor – Glue different kinds of green leaves on a construction paper, in fan-like shape. Then in the middle, attach a piece of paper with details about the party. Place inside a green envelope, and then seal it by wrapping some ivy around it.

Your Survivor “Habitat”

You need to have the right venue for your Survivor party, so your guests will really feel the theme. Since bringing them to a deserted island, in the middle of the jungle or to the beach is too expensive, you can just come up with simple décor that’ll give them the same feel. Here are several tips you can try.

    Use bamboo mats on the ground

  • You can make-do without chairs and tables. Instead, spread bamboo mats on the ground, where your guests can sit down cross-legged.
  • If you want a jungle Survivor party, hold the event at your garden. The plants and greenery are not only refreshing and relaxing, they can also serve as natural decorations for the party.
  • Remember how a tribe goes to tribal council after they lose at an immunity challenge? Design your venue according to that place. Put up torches and totem poles around the place, and small wooden seats around the place. In the middle, have a bonfire. It’ll give your place a warm and “exotic” Survivor feel.
  • If you’re doing a jungle Survivor theme indoors, set up several potted plants and flowers around the place. Then, hang up plastic or real vines and ivy on your walls and from the ceilings. Put fake lobsters, crabs, lizards and snakes around the place.
  • 4
    Tiki lamps for party

  • For a beach Survivor theme, put up tiki lamps and place shells around the place. You can even spread some sand on the ground. If you can, have a CD of ocean sounds (waves crashing or seagulls crying), play it during the whole event.
  • You can also allot two spots in the venue for the tribe camps. Decide on the tribe names before the party, and then print them out in large tarpaulin banners, Survivor-style. Hang them over the two “camps” in separate locations in the venue.

Dressing Up The Part

Survivor apparel
It can’t be a real Survivor party if your guests don’t look like survivors! Ask them to come in their best Survivor apparel. Make sure you mention this on the invitation. Their getups depend on the Survivor habitat. If it’s a beach Survivor, let them don khaki shorts or beach shorts and bikinis (for the ladies). If it’s in the jungle, simple khaki shorts, sandos, tube or razorback tops will do. They can also wear safari hats, rubber shoes or open-toed sandals and scarfs to complete the look.

If you want to make an extra special effort, another idea is to get Survivor scarves or bandannas for everyone. Create two different kinds for each team. When everyone is already at the party, distribute them.

Challenges And Games

The fun part of any Survivor is watching the challenges the tribe members face. You should also have some at your event, but since no one’s competing for a million dollars, you can just settle for simple Survivor-like games. You can have different tribal or individual immunity challenges, which everyone will enjoy.

At the end of the games, the person who wins the most wins the “Ultimate Survivor” title and gets an extra-special prize.

Wanna see some challenges for this theme! Check out this video.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

  • Disgusting Food Contest – No Survivor will be complete without the yucky food competition! Prepare “disgusting” food items for the tribes, like gummy worms, chocolate spiders or even pig’s blood (from a concoction using red food coloring, water and sticky syrup). The tribe who eats the most disgusting food in the fastest time wins.
  • Skin The Fish - You need several foil-wrapped chocolate fish for this game. The objective is to “skin” the fish by peeling off the foil and eating it. Time the teams for five minutes, and the team who skins and devours the most fish in the quickest time wins.
  • 6
    Disgusting food for the game
    Swimming race
  • Survivor Swimming Race – If you have a pool, you can play this game. Line the teams at one end of the pool. One by one, the members do a lap in it. The team who finishes first wins the challenge.
  • The Target Challenge - Using washable white spray paint, draw a very large bullseye with six to seven concentric circles on the ground or grass. Each ring will have a point value. Then, let the teams stand at least 20 to 40 feet away from the target. Each team will take turns throwing a tennis ball to hit the target. Add up the points every member makes, depending on the part of the bullseye they hit. The team with the higher number of accumulated points wins the game.
  • Standing On One Leg – Remember the Survivor challenge where the contestants stand on tall poles and try to outlast each other? Have the same type of competition, but because you can’t get tall poles, just make the contestants stand on one leg. The one who manages to hold his or her one-legged position the longest wins.

Exotic Survivor Food

Tropical fruit for food
Everyone knows the Survivor series are often held in exotic or tropical locales, so it’s a great idea to serve exotic treats to your guests. After all the challenges, they’re probably craving for some good food. Find dishes that involves tropical fruit like coconut, mango or honeydew melon. You can also serve veggies like corn on the cob, and even boiled rice or rice porridge. A leafy, green salad with Asian dressing is also great.

Seafood is also an important part of a Survivor diet, especially if you have a beach-themed Survivor party. Serve dishes with shrimp, crab, fish, squid, shellfish or oyster in them. There are many delicious, but easy-to-make recipes you can try.

For your guests who don’t like seafood much, prepare roast pork or chicken for them. Prepare it yourself, outside, over hot coals. You’ll feel like a Survivor contestant. Serve it on coconut husks to make it look exotic.

Another fun idea is serve it in an exotic manner. Prepare banana leaves instead of plates and find shells that can be used as cups. Serve the food in a picnic-like way, with everyone seated in an Indian position around the food items. It’s a weird, but fun way to enjoy food!

For the drinks, serve refreshing tropical fruit juices, like mango or melon. Fruit shakes are also delightful.

Giveaways For The Tribes

After all the challenges and the good, exotic eats, and after the “tribe has spoken” your guests now have to bid farewell to your celebration. Before they go on their way, given them something to remember the fun Survivor party. Give them packs of gummy worms, the same kind you used for the yucky food challenge. You can also give them beauty products, like soap with coconut oil in it, or aloe vera shampoo. Survivor series DVDs are also great giveaway items.

Gummy worms for favors
Aloe vera shampoo

Another idea is to give them individual potted plants. Find bonsai plants or lucky bamboo, attach a “thank you” tag to the pot and give them to your guests.

For any adventurous Survivor fan, this party theme is an enjoyable and exciting choice. Try these easy, but delightful tips. You can outwit, outplay and outlast each other, but you’ll have a great time doing it!

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