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Toga Party Ideas

Guys wearing toga.
Guys wearing toga.

University students love having fun, often much more than they love studying. That’s why no matter how busy their class schedules and campus life become, they still manage to go to parties and celebrations. Usually, these parties consist of laughter, socializing, drinking beer and joking around, symbolizing the students’ rite of passage towards adulthood. Sometimes, these university parties even require the students to wear their funniest and most ridiculous looking costumes.

One very popular example of a university event that many campuses hold is the toga theme party. This is a costume party where all the guests are required to wear a toga (or any kind of flowing garment made from a long piece of cloth that mimics a toga), a wreath on their heads and sandals. Toga parties are a popular trend in fraternities and sororities, and many students attend them as an excuse to wear a silly costume, goof around and have fun with their friends.

Toga Costumes

Planning a toga theme party is very fun and exciting, but for everything to go well, you must know the important elements of the party that you have to prepare for. For one, you should have a toga costume. Usually, students use their bed sheets as costume, although some prefer buying cloth from fabric stores because it’s much cheaper. The cloth is wrapped around the body and pinned in random places to secure it. Then, accessories such as jewelry and belts are added to make the costume look more funky and stylish.

Use your very own bed sheet as a toga costume. Watch the video to find out how.

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Toga Party Venues

The toga party’s venue is also an important consideration. Students often hold these events inside apartments or houses or, if they have an ample budget, they rent out locations such as restaurants or hotels. The place is then decorated with an Ancient Greek or Roman theme. Green crepe paper is used to create vines, while sometimes real vines are used. Candles, plump cushions and chairs covered with red or purple cloth are also used.

Teens dancing in a Toga party
Teens dancing in a Toga party
Students wearing toga.
A student picture wearing toga.

Girls let’s find out how to make our own toga.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Food of the Gods

Lastly, the food served during the party should be well-prepared. Cheese, sliced meat rolls, pasta dishes, and salty munchies such as pretzels, nuts and potato chips are usually included in the menu. As for the drinks, liquor such as beer and wine are a must, although there should also be non-alcoholic drinks, such as soda and punch.

Toga theme parties are a part of university campus life today, and they’re an enjoyable deviation from the usual events many student hold. So go ahead and join these events: drink, laugh and be merry all throughout your roaring toga party!

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