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Ballerina Party Ideas

A sexy ballerina
For many young girls, being a ballerina is a dream. It’s a lovely and elegant profession. Ballerinas dance so beautifully. With their pink frilly costumes and their lovely performances, who wouldn’t fall in love with them?

If your little girl loves ballet and adores ballerinas, why not make her dream come true, even just for a day? On her birthday, gather her closest girl friends and prepare a ballerina themed celebration. She’ll be dancing with laughter and excitement with this party idea.

A ballerina party is a wonderful event, but for it to be successful, you must plan all the different aspects of the party with grace and eloquence. Otherwise, your kid and her guests will just find the celebration boring. To help you out with this adorable theme, here are some ideas you can try.

Inviting Them To The Ballet

ballerina invitation
A ballerina invitation
A fun ballet celebration will not be complete without the other “dancers”. At least two or three weeks before the celebration, mail the invitations to the guests. This will give them ample time to prepare themselves, their costumes and their gifts to the fun event. If you haven’t got much time on your hands, just buy ready-made pink invitations with ballet theme on the cover from party supply stores. These come in different designs and patterns, so all you have to do is pick one out and fill in the details. There are also printable invitations available in different sites on the Internet, if you don’t want to trouble yourself and rushing to the store.

You can also make the invitations yourself. If you’re creative and you want to make the party more special for your darling ballerina, this is a better idea. One easy idea is to use pink cardstock paper, and decorate the cover with ballerina stickers. The details can be printed inside.

Another is to let your daughter draw a picture of a ballerina. Or you can use her own photo, wearing a ballerina costume. Photocopy it, handwrite the details, and roll it up into a scroll. Tie with a pink ribbon and attach an artificial flower onto it.

Your invitations will be more enticing if you use funny and creative wordings. Write words like “___ is inviting you twirl over for her Ballerina celebration!” or “Have Tu-tu much fun at ____’s Ballet Party! Curtain call is at ___”. Write these kinds of words, and you’re sure to have a full house during the party.

Setting The Party Stage

Before the curtains go up at the party, you have to make sure the stage—your venue—is all set. A fun ballet-decorated area will make your little ballerina princess and her friends feel the mood better. Here are some ideas to help you out.

  • ballet party
    Pink is the color of choice at ballerina parties
    Think pink. It’s the perfect color for any ballerina. You can mix it with white, silver or purple, to make it more pleasing. When you buy streamers, confetti and balloons, make sure you have them in these colors.
  • Get a lovely flower wreath and hang it on your venue entrance. It will be a nice welcome for your party.
  • If your daughter has ballerina toys, books or posters, like Angelina Ballerina, put them around the venue.
  • For the birthday banner, blow up a picture of your daughter wearing a ballerina costume. Hang it on a wall, along with cutout words like “Have A Happy Ballet Birthday ___!”
  • Set up a dressing room area in your venue. Get a mirror, a a chair and a small table covered with pink tablecloth. Put out vanity items, like hairbrushes, tiaras, plastic jewelry, lip gloss, and powder, so your guests can primp themselves up every now and then.
  • ballerina party supplies
    Totally pink ballerina party supplies
    Get pink and white ballerina printed tablecloths for the tables. Sprinkle sequins, glitters and tiny plastic stars all over the surfaces.
  • Laying out a plain white fabric as a tablecloth is also a great ideas. Provide the kids with pink coloring materials, so they can draw the designs themselves.
  • For a nice table centerpiece, get clear glass bowls, then fill them up with colored soft gemstone rings.
  • Use pink cups, silverware and doll plates for your party snacks.
  • Buy plastic beaded bracelets or necklaces and use them to ring drinking cups or cupcakes.
  • Play ballet music throughout the party for a delightful atmosphere.

Dressing Up As Ballerinas

ballerina costume
The cute little ballerina princess
Won’t it be fun if your daughter and her friends really look like ballerinas during the party? As part of the celebration, ask them to dress up in their best ballerina costume, complete with tu-tu, tights, leotard, ballet slippers and tiara. You can even give out a special prize to the best-dressed ballerina at the party, to entice them to come in their best ballet look.

Many parents think it’s too cumbersome and risky for their little girls to come dressed in their ballet at a kiddie party. They’re afraid the kids will spoil the clothes, like tear it or spill sauce all over it. If you don’t want to burden the guests, you can just ask them to come in pink clothes. They may not be wearing tu-tus, but they’ll still feel as pink and pretty as ballerinas.

Another idea is to provide the costumes yourself. Create pink tiaras made from construction paper and cardboard and give them out to the children as they arrive. You can also make simple tu-tus from pink fabric scraps or crepe paper and let the kids wear them during the event.

Ballet Games

Ballerinas don’t just dance, they also have lots of fun! Make sure your birthday girl and her friends experience a great and exciting time at the party with these ballet-inspired games.

  • Ballet Dance Presentation – This is great if you have a family friend who knows how to dance, or if you can invite a local ballet teacher to the party. Ask her to teach the ballerinas basic ballet moves. The moves don’t have to be difficult. Simple ones like leaping, pirouetting and bowing are all right. Make sure they don’t just learn, but also have a great time.
  • Check out these compilation of ballet presentations

    You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

  • Balloon Dance – You need many balloons for this game. First, attach inflated balloons on long strings to the waists, wrists and ankles of the girls. Put on some music and let them dance. They must try to pop the other dancers’ balloons while protecting their own.
  • The Grand Ballerina – Get music from ballets like Swan Lake or the Nutcracker and let them play in the background while the kids dance. The birthday girl becomes the Grand Ballerina and leads the group through different dance steps. The other girls must copy her movements. Play this game until every kid has a chance to be the Grand Ballerina.
  • Ballet Freeze Dance – Play some music and let the kids dance around. When the music stops, the kids should freeze in place. Any kid caught moving is out of the game. Play the music again. The last kid out wins a prize.
  • ballerina party
    Kids having a ballerina-fun party
    Magic Star Relay – You need four big gold stars made from cardboard. First, divide the kids into two teams, and let them stand in two lines. The two children in front are given two stars. In the middle, put two chairs. When you give the command, the one holding the star steps on a star and takes the other and puts it in front of her. She then moves to it, takes the first star and puts it again in front of her. This is repeated until she goes around the chair and back to the team. The stars are the only thing the players can step on. The first team that finishes the race wins the game.
  • Ballerina Jewelry Hunt – You need hair clips, fake jewelry and inexpensive beads for this game. Before the party, hide these items around the party area. Then, give each child a bag or a pouch to hold their treasure. At your signal, they must start looking for hidden “treasures” around the place. Each treasure they find corresponds to a prize.

Ballerina Snacks

All the dancing and playing will make your prima ballerinas hungry. Satiate their appetites with these fun, girlish treats.

  • fruit platter
    Yummy fruit platter for the guests
    Classic Ballerina Pinwheels – You can use either peanut butter and jam, minced chicken and mayo, tuna, relish and mayo, or cream cheese and sunflower for this. Trim the crust of white or wheat bread, then spread the filling over each side. Roll up the bread tightly, then cut each slice into fourths, then secure with a toothpick. Chill.
  • Elegant Fruit Platter – Prepare cheese and different fruit slices like apple, water melon, grapes, pineapple and cantaloupe. Poke fancy toothpicks in them to make them look fancy. Serve with a pink yogurt or chocolate dip.
  • Butterfly Treats – Fill small pieces of celery with cream cheese, peanut butter, or other spreads. Then, put a pretzel on each side of the celery to serve as wings and break smaller pieces, for antennae. For the finishing touch, add raisins for the eyes.
  • butterfly cupcakes
    Tasty and beautiful butterfly cupcakes
    Cupcake Ballerinas – Make plain vanilla cupcakes, then frost with pink icing. Add a small ballerina figurine on top.
  • Ballerina Crispies – Get crispy rice cereal treats and drizzle strawberry sugar on them. Then, sprinkle pink sugar all over them.
  • Cherry Soda Blast – Get some cherry soda and mix raspberry sherbet in it. Serve in glasses and garnish with a cherry.

Curtain Call Party Favors

party favors
Cool ballerina party favors
The fun celebration is finished, the show is over, and it’s time for the curtain call. Before your guests start leaving, say thank you to them by giving a little gift. Fill ballerina goody bags with things like coloring books, stickers, tiaras, bubbles, fancy pens, candy and hair clips. You can find pink ballerina-printed bags that’ll be appropriate for your celebration.

You can also order personalized party favors like magnets, stickers and bag tags. Print them with the guests’ names and with a short thank-you note.

Seeing your little girl as a lovely ballerina is wonderful indeed, but seeing her and her friends enjoying themselves at this kind of party is priceless. Make sure to try these ballerina party ideas. Your little girl will definitely appreciate this lovely surprise.

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