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Dr Seuss Party Ideas

dr seuss cover
Dr. Seuss Classics
Do you want to hold a party that’s fun, colorful and educational? The Dr. Seuss party theme may be the one you’re looking for. Dr. Seuss appeals to children of all ages and adults who grew up with him as well. Here are some tips on preparing for a zany Dr. Seuss party.

Oh, the Decorating You’ll Do!

  • Dr. Seuss books are filled with color, movement and adventure. Decorate and deck out your party place with familiar sights from his books.

  • Cover your tables with red-and-white tablecloth, just like the colors in Cat’s hat in Cat in a Hat.

  • Have an interesting centerpiece by putting a fishbowl with a single goldfish in it, to guard against naughty antics.

  • Dr. Seuss plates and cups are always available at your party suppliers, but any bright, solid color will do.

  • green balloons
    Cute green balloons for your party decors
    Put up green balloons, which will very much remind you of eggs in Green Eggs and Ham

  • Hang up pale green pants and hopefully it won’t scare anyone like in What Was I Afraid Of?

  • Put up cutouts of yellow Sneetches with stars on their bellies like the Sneetches

  • Place streamers of rainbow colors all around the room, much like in Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

  • Ask your guests to wear silly Cat in the Hat and Santa hats or ask them to put a star on their bellies with their names on it when they arrive.

  • If you have any Dr. Seuss toys, now is their time to shine! Prop up the Grinch, Horton, the Sneetches, the Cat and even the Goldfish in a viewable place. Cats, turtles and other “ordinary” animals are invited too.

The Right Invite

Dr. Seuss Invitations
There are plenty of pre-made Dr. Seuss invitations out there, but you can make them by yourself by cutting out familiar Dr. Seuss shapes, or simply printing a Dr. Seuss character on your invitation. Include your favorite Dr. Seuss passage and say, “Oh, the places you’ll go! You’re invited to a Dr. Seuss party!”

Have Fun And Be Silly!

Story-telling time. If you have little ones attending the party, gather them together for story time. Let them do all the silly noises if the story calls for it.

A cool party hat
Make a hat. Using craft paper, glitter pens, crayons and other art materials, ask the kids to make the silliest and most creative hat out of normal party hats.

Egg Hunt. Egg hunting is not just for Easter. Fill up plastic eggs with candies and jelly beans for the kids to hunt for, just like in Scrambled Eggs Super.

Pass the Message. Form the invitees into two or three groups. Whisper a “message” to the first in line, preferably a line from a Dr. Seuss book. Have him or her whisper it to the next one in line. The one who gets the message most correctly wins.

Tongue Twister. Have the guests take turns in saying the most tongue-twisting lines from Dr. Seuss. Eliminate those who have been tongue-twisted and ask the ones remaining to say lines faster. Do this until only one winner remains.

Fish relay. Get a small-sized aquarium fishbowl and put plastic fish in it, Divide the guests into two groups and have them race while carrying the aquarium without spilling any water. First team who finishes the relay wins.

And to Think I Saw it On Mulberry Street. Have the kids sit in a circle and read to them the Dr. Seuss Story “And to Think I Saw it On Mulberry Street.” Teach them the line “Hey! That makes a story that no one can beat, when I say I saw it on Mulberry Street.” One by one, have them say what Marco may have seen, and let the child who follows recite what the first kids have said first, building on it as the item list grows longer and longer. Eliminate those who forgot items, and the last one who doesn’t get eliminated wins.

party games
The kids resting after the game
Rhyming Games. Put up two large sheets of manila paper on a wall, with five simple words like box, house, ham, green, boat. Ask the kids to come up with words that rhyme with these and write it on the paper using crayons or sharpies. The group with the most rhyming words wins.

Horton Hears a Who! Ask the kids to take turns in making animal sounds and have the other kids guess what kind of animal it is.

Fox in Socks. Ask the kids to sit in a circle with a pile of socks in the middle. On the word go, the kids should try to fit as many socks on one foot. The one with the most socks wins.

Pin the Hat on the Cat. A different version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Follow the Cat. Follow the children’s misadventures with this version of “Follow My Leader”. Make the craziest movements and sounds for the children to follow.

Yummy Dr. Seuss Treats

Prepare appetizing, colorful and delightful-looking treats for your young guests.

green food
Delicious green eggs and ham
Green eggs and ham. This may sound unappetizing, but the kids will certainly have a kick out of seeing the real version of green eggs and ham. For the eggs, carefully separate the yolk from the egg whites. Mix in green food coloring to the egg whites, and once it has been mixed, put the egg yolks back in. As for the ham, put drops of green food coloring in a ¼ cup of water and using a kitchen paintbrush, paint your ham until it is very green.

Other variations of green eggs are dipping peeled hard-boiled eggs in a mixture of water and green food coloring. You can also have deviled eggs with its filling mixed with a green food coloring.

Watch this guy try and make green eggs and ham.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Cats and hats, oh my! You can have sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes cut out in the shapes of Dr. Seuss items and characters, such as the famous Cat and his hat, the goldfish, Maisy and her daisy, among others. Add colored frosting on the pastries for a better effect.

Rainbow drinks. Prepare a variety of multi-colored drinks at your party. Having Gatorade and an assortment of Kool-Aid flavored drinks extends the color motif from the decorations to the buffet table.

assorted candies
Sweet candies for the kids
Candies. You can have a candy cart in your party for the kids to choose their favorite candies from.

Snack like Brown and Black. Offer milk, banana, apples and peanut butter jelly sandwiches just like in Hop on Pop.

Schlopp. It’s just ice cream, but with cherry on top. It’s Dr. Seuss magic!

birthday cake
A yummy cat in a hat cake
Alphabet soup. Let them eat and learn. Prepare some good old-fashioned alphabet soup and ask the kids to identify the letters with each spoonful of tasty goodness.

Cat in the Hat cake. Bake a cake in the shape of a hat, with white and red frosting, courtesy of the Cat himself. (Learn how to bake a cake from scratch)

Giveaways To Remember The Party By

Your giveaways should encourage your guests to learn more about Dr. Seuss and his stories. Hand out copies of Dr. Seuss stories, coloring books and other activity books that are appropriate for their age. You can also give out daisies and goldfish for them to take care of. (Tips on how to take care of goldfish)

Broaden your little ones’ minds while playing and having fun. Dr. Seuss’ stories have very meaningful messages that ring true even as when we get older, so instill a love for Dr. Seuss while they’re still young. With a Dr. Seuss party, learning has never been so exciting!

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