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Hello Kitty Party Ideas

hello kitty
The adorable cat, Hello Kitty
If you ask little girls who their favorite kitty cartoon character is, some will answer Garfield, Heathcliff, Sylvester or Felix, but many will enthusiastically say Hello Kitty is the best of them all! Who wouldn’t like this cute feline character? She’s sweet, adorable and together with her friends, can bring joy and excitement to any little girl’s day. Even older girls find this character endearing.

Since Hello Kitty is loved by young girls, her theme for happy celebrations is a great idea. If you have a young daughter who’s having her birthday very soon, why not use a Hello Kitty theme for it? It’s not very hard to prepare, but you’ll be sure everyone will have a good time. Even if she invites boys, they won’t mind the theme.

Here are some fun ideas to make a Hello Kitty party successful and enjoyable.

Hello Invitations

hello kitty invites
Cute kitty invitation
Many parents settle for ready-made Hello Kitty invitations, especially if they don’t have a lot of time on their hands. These invites can be bought from party supply stores and in different styles and designs. Usually, they have cute images of Hello Kitty and her friends printed all over them.

If you want to exert a little extra effort for the invites, you can also make your own Hello Kitty design. If you’re good at drawing, one idea you can try is make a Kitty Face invite. Draw Hello Kitty’s face on cardboard paper using colored materials, then print the party details inside.

If you’re artistically-challenged and drawing Hello Kitty’s face is a bit too much, you can just cutout large bows from red cardboard paper, then print the details on them.

Another cute idea is to send actual Hello Kitty dolls or figurines to the guests. Attach a pink tag to the doll with the party details on it. This can also serve as your party giveaway.

Hello Kitty Decor

To make the guests feel the fun party atmosphere better, you should decorate the venue in Hello Kitty style. Some settle for simple balloons and streamers and partyware with Hello Kitty designs on them, but there are other fun ways to decorate the party better.

  • hello kitty pattern
    A Hello Kitty wallpaper pattern
    Find pictures and posters of Hello Kitty, her family and friends, and set them around the venue.
  • The best motif is pink, white and bright green. If you’re getting streamers, balloons and confetti, choose these colors.
  • Decorate the venue tea party style. Set up small tables covered with pink and white tablecloths. Then, put flower vases in the middle.
  • Find Hello Kitty printed table cloths or other Sanrio characters like Kerokeroppi or Bad Batz Maru. If you don’t have enough budget to buy your own, you can use plain pink and white cloths.
  • Scatter pink sequins or small candies all over the tables. Glitter is also nice, but make sure it doesn’t get mixed in the food.
  • Print out Hello Kitty sheets or tear them out from coloring books. Ask your daughter to color them, and then put them around the place.
  • hello kitty balloon
    A purple Hello Kitty balloon
    Put Hello Kitty banners and posters all over the place.
  • Get a large appliance box and paint it over like a house. You can also cut out windows and doors. The kids can pretend it’s Hello Kitty’s house.
  • Make a Kitty mural. Cover one wall with butcher paper, and give the kids coloring materials like pens, crayons and markers. Let them create their own Sanrio world with Hello Kitty and all her friends.

Dressing Up As Hello Kitty

Children look more adorable when they’re dressed up, especially with this type of kiddie theme. For the birthday celebrant, you can dress her up in a cute pink dress or jumper and a Hello Kitty headpiece. If you can’t find a headpiece, just pin a large bow on one side of her head. You can also make white kitty ears for her.

hello kitty costume
The celebrant dressing up as Hello Kitty
hello kitty costume2
Here is another Hello Kitty costume

As for the guests, you can give out Kitty ears headbands to wear throughout the party. Then, buy some face paint and paint kitty noses and whiskers on their faces.

Hello Kitty Games

Kiddie parties aren’t complete without fun party games! Since Hello Kitty loves to have fun with her friends, your kid and her guests should also have lots of fun at the party.

bracelet making
Kids making bracelets
You can have different kinds of party games and activities like:

  • Friendship Bracelet-Making – Because girls like to wear jewelry and have fun with friends, this is one activity they’ll enjoy. Give them bowls of beads, some string and scissors and let them make their own bracelet. Then ask them to exchange bracelets as a sign of friendship. Just keep an eye on them while they’re handling the scissors. You should also make sure no child puts the beads in her mouth, ears or nose.
  • Decorate-A-Ribbon – Hello Kitty always wear a cute ribbon over her ear. Get plain headbands, some white ribbon and fabric markers. Give each kid a ribbon and let them decorate it. When they’re done with the design, help them tie it in a bow, then hot glue it to the headband. The kids can wear them throughout the party.
  • Mory’s Bean Bag Toss – This game is inspired by Mory, a mole that lives in Hello Kitty’s garden. First you need a green box. Cut three large holes in it. Then, get three brown bean bags. Let the kids take turns trying to get the bean bags in the holes.
  • twin game
    Kids playing the Find my Twin game
    Find My Twin – Do you know Hello Kitty has a twin sister named Mimmy? This game lets kids try to find their own twin. First, make sure that the number of guests is even, so no one will be left out. Then, draw pictures of different animals. Each animal should have two pictures. Put all the pictures in a hat, and let every kid draw one. Explain to them that everyone needs to act and sound like the animal they picked out to find their twin. No conversation allowed. As soon as they find their twin, they have to sit down. The pair who sits down first wins the prize.
  • Hello Kitty Cartoon Fest - Rent or record Hello KItty cartoons and let the kids watch them while they’re resting.

Kitty Treats

After a whole day of Kitty fun, your kids and her friends will be looking for yummy treats to satiate their hungry tummies. Here are several excellent ideas you can try.

  • hello kitty cake
    The ultimate Hello Kitty cake
    Hello Kitty Birthday Cake – Cut a round birthday cake in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head. Then cover it with white frosting. Add a yellow jelly bean for her nose and black ones for her eyes. Add whiskers using black gel frosting. Then, make a ribbon using red frosting.
  • Flower-Shaped Tea Sandwiches – Make different kinds of child-friendly sandwiches, like peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese, and ham and cheese. Then, use a flower-shaped cookie cutter to cut them.
  • Kitty’s Pink Mac and Cheese – Prepare the usual mac and cheese recipe, then add pink food coloring for a girlish look. It might seem unusual, but on the contrary, it’s delicious!
  • hello kitty pudding
    Strawberry Hello Kitty puddings
    Kitty’s Purrfect Pudding – Get several packages of instant pudding in flavors your kid likes. Prepare it a few hours before the party, so it’ll chill properly. When you’re about to serve it,
  • Yummy Hello Kitty Parfait – Put a layer of yogurt, fresh fruit and granola into plastic cups. Repeat the layers twice for every container. Top it with whipped cream. It’s a dessert your guests will say “meow” to.

To add more fun to the party feast, serve your Hello Kitty treats on plates with cute Hello Kitty designs. Pair them off with Kitty spoons and forks and glasses, and the kids will enjoy them more!

Hello Kitty Giveaways

hello kitty favors
Hello Kitty party favors
The fun Hello Kitty day is about to end, but don’t let the guests leave just yet! Give out Hello Kitty goody bags, filled with candies, lollipops and little Hello Kitty dolls. You can also put in Hello Kitty notepads, pencils, erasers and other school items.

For a yummy giveaway treat, why not give each guest a Hello Kitty cupcake? Decorate plain vanilla icing with white, red, yellow and black frosting to make Hello Kitty’s face. Then, place them in small individual cupcake boxes. These will be sweet treats they’ll enjoy at the end of the happy celebration.

Hello Kitty is a fun and sweet feline many little girls would love to enjoy during their birthday party. Try these ideas and let your princess have an adorable time on her special day!

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