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Jungle Party Ideas

Jungle party hat
Jungle party hat from
It’s your kid’s birthday party coming up next month, and you’re frantically preparing all the details that you’ll need for the special day. It’s boring if you just stick to the usual sit down parties, where the kids only eat and play, so you’re now looking for a new and enjoyable theme that your child and his friends can enjoy. You want something that kids can easily relate to, but is not too expensive, nor too difficult to prepare. If you’re thinking along these lines, why not prepare a fun jungle party for your child? If he or she likes animals, then this is a very ideal option that you can consider.

It’s easy to prepare a jungle party. Just put up animal posters and make a cake with animal decorations on the top and you’re all set. Even so, many parents want to make sure that everything is peachy keen and perfect when they throw a party, even if it does have a wild jungle theme. Every detail matters so that the child will be delighted, the guests will be impressed and everyone will have a roaring good time. Here are several useful tips that you can use for your child’s jungle theme party.

Calling out to the Jungle: Animal Invitations

Some parents simply buy ready-made invitations for their children’s party, but if you want to be a bit more creative, you can create your own animal invitations. If you know how to draw, create familiar animal faces such as elephants, lions, monkeys and tigers on cardboard and then cut them out. Print the party details on the other side of the invitation.

A Jungle Venue: Party Decorations

Hippo stuffed toy
Hippo stuffed toy from
When it comes to decorations, a little goes a long way with a jungle theme. Just put up the usual streamers, balloons and strings all over the walls and ceilings, but for a wild look, use green and brown ones. You should also put stuffed animals around the place where younger guests can play with them. For your background music, get some kids’ jungle movie soundtracks, such as those from “Tarzan,” “The Jungle Book,” “Madagascar” and “The Wild” and play them for a real jungle effect.

Dressing the Part: Jungle Costumes

Children safari costume for jungle party
Safari costume from
It’s more fun if your child and the guests pretend that they’re the jungle animals. If you want to have a jungle costume party, state in the invitation that your guests should come in their best jungle animal getup. If you think this is too much of a hassle for them, you can just provide them with accessories during the party. Animal headbands with animal ears are easy to do and you can make various kinds, depending on what kinds of animal you want. Another option is to set up a face-painting booth at the party, where the children can line up and get a cute animal makeover.

Jungle Rations: Party Food

Peanut butter banana sandwich
Peanut butter sandwich with jungle bananas
You don’t have to go over the edge with your party food, especially since many children won’t eat dishes that they are not familiar with. Just serve simple food that they can associate with animals and the jungle. Popular examples include animal crackers, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, elephant cupcakes and fruit punch. For dessert, serve tiger ice cream and slippery snake cake.

Playing in the Jungle: Party Games

Since your guests are young kids, you should arrange simple but fun games. One very fun option that you can consider is the great peanut hunt, where the children will go around the venue as elephants and look for unshelled peanuts. The kid who finds the highest number of peanuts wins the game. (Just make sure to check first whether any of the party guests have peanut allergies!) Another fun game that they can play is jungle charades. It’s just like the usual charades, except the things that kids guess are different kinds of animals.

With a jungle theme party, you can be assured that your child will have a wild and fun time celebrating his or her birthday. Try out this fun idea and let the kids have a wild and unforgettable jungle birthday celebration in the comfort of your own home.

No matter what food, decorations and games you have, the kids will have the most fun with costumes. View this video for some ideas!

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