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Little Mermaid Party Ideas

Ariel, the Little Mermaid
Little girls love cartoons featuring princesses and royal characters, especially those made by Disney. For them, these fictional characters live such wonderful lives. Ariel, also known as The Little Mermaid, is one of the most popular princesses in the Disney bunch. With her bubbly personality, her loyal friends Flounder, Sebastian and Scuttle, and her determination to become part of the world above, she’s become a favorite among many young ladies.

If you have a daughter who adores Ariel and her adventures, why not give her a taste of what this Princess’ life feels like? For her next birthday party, plan a Little Mermaid bash. It’s a delightful treat she and her little friends will never forget.

Here are some fun and bubbly Mermaid ideas you can try. Go ahead and dive into a magical and exciting party!

Ariel’s Magical Invitations

little mermaid invites
Fancy Little Mermaid invitation
Before you take care of the numerous concerns for the party, you need to first let your little girl’s friends know about the fun party in store for them. Prepare the invitations at least two to three weeks before the event and send them out. This will give everyone enough time to prepare their costumes and clear their schedules for the big day.

Most busy moms opt for ready-made Little Mermaid invitations. These can be bought in many party supply stores, in various designs with colorful pictures of Ariel, Eric, Flounder and other sea creatures seen in the movie. All you have to do is pick the design, write the details, and mail them to the guests.

Since you want your girl and her friends to really feel how special and magical the party is, you can also make your own invitations. It just takes a bit of creativity and some craft materials. One simple idea is to cut cardstock paper in different ocean shapes, like starfish, shells, crabs, whales. Write the party details, then decorate the edges with glitter glue for an additional mermaid sparkle.

little mermaid invitation
Traditional invitation with a mermaid design
Another simple idea is to use cutouts from Little Mermaid storybooks or coloring books and paste them on colored paper. Write the details using different colored markers, then placed in colorful envelopes before mailing.

You can also get bubble bottles as your invitations. Attach a tag to them saying “You’re invited to ___’s Little Mermaid birthday party! Come join us for some bubbly fun under the sea!”. Let your girl personally give them out to her friends.

“Message in a bottle” invitations are also great, the same kind you use for beach parties. First, print the party details on some blue paper. Roll it up and place it in small glass bottles. Put some glitters and sand inside the bottle, then seal. Put a sticker outside the bottle and write “A message especially for you! Join Ariel and her friends as they celebrate ____’s birthday party!”.

Under The Sea Decors

After sending out the invitations, you now have to think of transforming your home into an “under the sea” kingdom fit for little princesses. Here are some easy ideas you can try.

  • Think of sea colors when choosing your party motif, like different shades of blue, green and teal. When you get décor like balloon, confetti and streamers, get them in these hues.
  • little mermaid party
    A party with a blue sea motif
    Hang up streamers in different lengths and balloons on your ceilings and walls to represent coral and bubbles. You can also add colorful paper fish all around the place.
  • Get light blue and white sheets and cover the party tables with them. You can also get Little Mermaid printed table cloths for a more cheery look.
  • Scatter plastic starfish, shells and sequins around the tables.
  • Pin up posters and Little Mermaid pictures.
  • If your girl has Little Mermaid collectibles and stuffed toys, put them around the venue. You can even use them as table centerpieces.
  • Another cool centerpiece idea is to get small fishbowls with goldfishes in them. After the celebration, you can give these out to the guests.
  • For an ocean-like aura, change your usual light bulbs into green or blue colored bulbs. If you think they’re too costly, just cover your bulbs with blue or green cellophane.
  • bubbles
    Kids enjoying the bubbles
    Ariel loves swimming through sunken ships with Flounder. Re-create this Little Mermaid scenery by drawing a large mural of a sunken ship. Cover one wall with butcher paper and paint a large ship on it. When the kids arrive, they can add drawings of treasures for Ariel to find.
  • Rent a bubble machine and delight the kids with a bubbly underwater atmosphere.
  • Get an audio CD or DVD of Little Mermaid songs and play them throughout the party as background music.

Another great idea is to make your Little Mermaid party into a pool party. If you have a pool at home, set up decorations around it. You can also blow up a mini-kiddie pool in your backyard and have the party there. Make sure you inform the guests about the pool party so they’ll come prepared in their bathing suits.

Putting On Mermaid Fins

little mermaid costume
A very beautiful mermaid costume
Ariel may want to get rid of her mermaid fins, but your little girl and her friends may want to have those fins in their costumes. To add more excitement to the party, ask all the kiddie guests to dress up in their best mermaid costumes. These can be easily rented from costume shops or bought from department stores. Some also create their own homemade costumes. To entice them to come in their best under the sea attire, offer a special prize to the “Most Beautiful Mermaid”.

If your daughter invited boy playmates to her party, these little ones may not be too eager to come dressed as mermen. Let them don simple under the sea creature costumes then, like crab, starfish or shark costumes. They can also come dressed as the kind and gallant Prince Eric.

One final reminder: Let them know about the dress code as soon as possible by noting it in the invitations. It’s only fair, so they have time to prepare their best and most extravagant outfits for your celebration.

Games For The Little Mermaids

What’s a kiddie party without cool games? Your little mermaid and her friends are probably excited to dip their little toes into some party fun and games. Here are some Mermaid-appropriate kiddie activities for them.

  • limbo
    The kids playing the limbo
    Under The Sea Limbo – Everyone can join in this easy party game. First, let the Little Mermaid soundtrack play, while the party guests try to go under a limbo stick one by one. Once all the kids have gone through the stick for a round, lower it for the next round. If they fail to “clear” the stick, they are out of the game. The last person standing wins the game.
  • Mermaid Race – First, dress all the kids with a “mermaid tail” using heavy-duty drawstring bags. Tie them loosely around the kids’ waists, then secure it with duct tape. Wrap a second strip of tape around the knees to make fins. Let the kids lay on their bellies at one side of the room. Once you say go, they must first squirm, crawl and flap their ways to the other side. The one who gets there first wins.
  • Pin The Flower On Ariel – This is a version taken from the classic Pin The Tail On The Donkey game. Hang a poster of Ariel on the wall. Then cut yellow hibiscus flowers from paper and put double sided tape on each of them. One by one, blindfolded kid should spin around a number of times as they walk to the picture. The one who pins the flower at the right spot, over Ariel’s ear, wins the game.
  • Ariel’s Treasure – Ariel finds typical human objects mystifying and exciting. Before the party, hide different items around the party place, including forks, spoons, combs, toothbrushes, plates, hanger and candlestick holders. At your signal, the kids will team up and start looking for the hidden objects. If they find everything, they all get special treats.
  • party games
    Kids playing party games
    Ursula’s Garden – In the movie, the evil Ursula tricks mermaids and transforms them into poor unfortunate souls to stay in her creepy garden. In this game, three kids get to be “evil” as they play Ursula and two “henchmen” — the eels Floatsam and Jetsam. When you say “Swim!”, all the other mermaids (kids) run around while Ursula and her eels try to catch them. Once caught, the kids go to “Ursula’s Garden”, standing still with their legs straddled. They must wait for their other friends to rescue them by crawling between their legs.
  • Crab Walk – Do the little mermaids know how to walk like Sebastian? This traditional gym class game will teach them how. First, divide the group into two teams and let them form two lines. At your signal, the first player will walk like a crab. By walking sideways on all fours either with their bellies up or facing downwards. When they reach the other side of the room, they must walk back to their teacher and tag the next person, who also walks on all fours. The team that finishes first wins the game.

Royal Underwater Feast

Now it’s time for the kids to have a little treat to satiate their hungry tummies. Seafood is great and it fits the theme, but since many kids don’t like it very much, here are other great party food ideas you can try.

  • fish cookie
    Delicious Fish cookies
    Seanut” Butter And Jelly Fish – Create the usual peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Then cut them into fish shapes using a butter knife or fish-shaped cookie cutters.
  • Sebastian’s Sea Shell Surprise – You need sea shell pasta, eggs, milk, melted butter, salt and pepper and grated cheese. Boil the pasta until it’s partially cooked then drain and put in a baking dish. Whisk the milk and eggs together and add the melted butter and cheese. Mix this well, then add to the pasta. Let it bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes or until the top becomes brown.
  • Flounder’s Fish Bowl Treats – Get blue Jell-O and prepare according to the instructions. Put in a clear bowl and refrigerate. Before it completely becomes rigid, insert some gummy fishes inside and let it chill for a while. Serve in glass cups or bowls.
  • starfish cookie
    Enjoy these starfish cookies
    King Triton’s Castle Cones – You need ice cream cones with flat bottoms, cake mix, frosting, gummy fish, candy shells, blue food coloring and sprinkles for this. First, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare the cake batter and fill up 1/3 of the cone Put the cones on ungreased cookie sheers and let them bake for 20 to 25 minutes. Let it cool for a while. Add drops of coloring to the icing and mix, then scoop over the cones. Decorate with gummy fish, sprinkles and candy shells.
  • Sea Slushies – You need blue sports drink (like Gatorade), vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt and ice. Combine them in a blender and whirl until smooth. Serve in tall glasses.

Ariel’s Giveaways

little mermaid party favor
Little Mermaid party bag for the kids
After the party, the kids now have to give up their “fins” and return to dry land. Show how thankful you are to them by giving them Little Mermaid goody bags. Fill these with stickers, bubbles, fish squirt toys, a coloring book or story book and gummy candies. You can also include Little Mermaid inspired games. Little Mermaid toys, like Ariel or Flounder stuffed toys, also make great giveaways.

Small fish bowls with gold fish in them are also great giveaways. Not only are they good memorabilia, but the kids will also get to have their own fishy pet.

Your little girl doesn’t have to dive into the ocean just to experience the fun of being a princess like Ariel. With these simple and easy party tricks, you can turn her into a mermaid for a day. Go ahead and try them out and let the magical adventure begin!

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