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Princess Party Ideas

princess costume cut-outs
Princess costume cut-outs
It’s your little girl’s birthday next month! As loving parents, you’re thinking of the best way to celebrate her special day. A party, of course, but what will be the theme? You’ve already had a baby Looney Tunes theme, a Pokemon theme and even an under the sea theme before, and now you’re looking for a magical and enjoyable theme that’ll delight your daughter. If these are your concerns, why not try out a princess theme party?

Any little girl dreams of being a princess, and to reward your daughter for being such an angel, a magical princess theme party would be a wonderful choice for her next birthday. You can make her feel royal and special, and pamper her with wonderful surprises throughout the day.

Princess theme parties are very enjoyable, but you have to admit that preparing for them can be a bit of a hassle. You have numerous factors to attend to, starting with the invitations, the decor, the food and even the loot bags. Chances are, you’ll find yourself too exhausted to enjoy your own child’s party.

If you’re worried that this will happen to you, don’t fret. As long as you know what you need for the special day, you’ll have an easy time arranging it all. Here are several tips that can help you prepare for a beautiful and enjoyable princess theme party for your little girl.

princess invitations
Simple princess party invites
Spreading the Word: Formal but Girly Invitations

Princess parties are girlish and are always prim and proper, which is why you should opt for invitations that have these two factors. You can easily get ready-made invitations in various girlish designs from party supply stores, bookstores and craft stores. If you want to make your own, you can also do so, as long as you’re creative enough. All you need is some linen paper, drawing materials and a bit of imagination. Don’t forget to place the word “Princess” before the celebrant’s name, such as “You’re cordially invited to Princess Sarah’s birthday party.”

Looking Like Royalty: Princess Costumes

Your girl can’t be a princess unless she has a princess ball gown! Make sure that you get a beautiful flowing dress for your girl, complete with a tiara and a sceptre. If you want, you can also ask the guests to dress as princesses and princes. If you think this is a bit too extravagant, just tell them to come in their best Sunday clothes.

Princess dress
A girl dressed up in a pink dress
princess costume
A blue little princess costume
yellow gown
Pretty princess in a yellow gown

Creating a Magical World: Venue Decorations

To create a “Once upon a time” feel, dress up your party space to make it look regal. For example, you can put purple and red drapes around the walls. The tables can be covered with elegant tablecloths, and you can also place beautiful flowers and balloons all over the walls. Lastly, to make your girl feel extra special, create a makeshift “throne” for her to sit on. It can be an ordinary dinner chair but with decorations around it.

Food for Royalty: Princess Party Food

Children aren’t very picky about food, as long as you don’t serve them exotic tasting dishes. Stick to the conventional foods, such as spaghetti and sweet pastries. Just make sure they look presentable. The birthday cake should also be fit for a princess, with pink and white frosting. You can place a doll wearing a princess outfit on the cake’s top.

princess cake
A frosted castle cake
princess cake
A princess doll cake
princess cake
A cake fit for a princess

Royal Entertainment: Games and Activities

Parties aren’t complete without games, but since your precious celebrant and guests are all dressed up, you might not want them running around and tripping over their long dresses. Think of princess games that won’t need much running, such as pin the glass shoe on Cinderella or “pass around the poisoned apple.” Hiring a magician to do fun tricks is also very practical, but ask the magician to do simple tricks, such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making animal balloons.

Princess Memorabilia: Loot Bags

Princess loot bag
Pretty princess loot bag items
Make sure your guests will remember your daughter’s special day by giving them pretty loot bags to take home. You can fill them up with candies, plastic jewelry, toy sceptres and kiddie makeup kits. Coloring books and stationery are also practical and useful giveaway items.

Having a princess theme party for your daughter is a very practical and enjoyable option, and despite the work involved, you’ll feel that it’s all worth it when you see the smile on your daughter’s face. So go ahead and give her the majestic and royal treatment she deserves!

Making a tall princess cake is easier than you think. Click to watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial.

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