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Willy Wonka Party Ideas

Willy Wonka
Charlie in the Chocolate Factory is a Classic for Children
When your child watched the popular kiddie movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he simply fell in love with its funny and magical story. It’s absolutely fun watching young Charlie Bucket as he enters the world of the eccentric but lovable Willy Wonka. All throughout the movie, there’s magic, music and tons of laughter and chocolate. Then, a brilliant idea flashes through your mind. Since it’s your child’s birthday next month, why not have a Willy Wonka theme party for him?

A Willy Wonka party would be very fun and magical for your child and his friends. Not only will they enjoy all the fun activities and yummy treats, but they will also be reminded of the wonderful movie that they have watched. As long as you do it properly, you’ll be able to give them the feeling that they’re inside the wonderful chocolate factory!

The Golden Ticket
Send out golden ticket birthday party invitations

The Golden Ticket: The Party Invitations

Remember how the movie started? The five children who were invited to the party found golden tickets inside chocolate bars that invited them to come inside the factory. Use the same concept for your child’s invitations. Print out the party details on gold paper, and then slip them inside chocolate bars. Then, have your child hand-deliver them to the guests.

Setting a Chocolaty Mood: The Decorations

You don’t have to stress yourself too much when it comes to the party decorations. If you have a talent when it comes to drawing, you can paint a backdrop that shows the main Chocolate Room of the factory, including the green fields, the realistic candy treats and the chocolate waterfall. Then, hang up balloons of different colors all over the walls to resemble gumballs. If you have poles or posts inside your home, get some red and white streamers and twist them around to resemble large peppermint sticks. Candy canes from your Christmas decorations can also be useful.

Wonka’s Warm Welcome: Your Child’s Costume

A Willy Wonka costume
A party guest in a Willy Wonka Costume
It’s great fun if your child pretends that he’s Willy Wonka and that the guests are the children that he has invited inside the “factory.” Dress him up in a Wonka-style costume that’ll let him feel and look the part. There are costume shops that sell this ensemble. If you don’t want to spend any more money, you can easily throw together the costume. All you need is a tail coat, black trousers, and a tall hat.

Sweet Treats: The Party Food

Since they’re inside a chocolate factory, your banquet should feature sweet and delicious treats. Serve different kinds of candy and sweets to your guests. Cake, cupcakes and ice cream should not be left out. If you’re worried that they might get sick, try to include healthy food items as well, or better yet, you can combine candy and healthy food items together. For example, a carrot cake with candy and frosting on top would be very delightful. You can also chop up fruit such as apples, pears and melons and then create a delicious chocolate sauce where the kids can dip them. As for the drinks, you can serve chocolate milk or fizzy drinks such as fruit soda.

The party will not be complete without candy
chocolate bars
Have plenty of chocolate at your party
chocolate milk
Party guests will enjoy sweet chocolate milk

Playing Inside the Factory: Party Activities

Let the kids enjoy their time inside the factory by thinking of fun activities that’ll keep them occupied. For one, you can get candy molds and let them make their own chocolate or you can have a sundae-decorating contest; the yummiest-looking sundae wins.

As for the games, the candy-guessing game and the jellybean toss are popular choices. The candy guessing game is simple. All you need is a large jar filled with candy. Then, let kids take turns at guessing how many candies are inside. The jellybean toss is played by dividing the children into two teams. The teams will line up and the kids take turns tossing jellybeans into a bucket. The team who gets the most beans inside their bucket wins.

Charlie’s Take Home Surprise: The Loot Bags

loot bags
Hand out fun candy lootbags
A kiddie party isn’t complete without loot bags for the children to take home. Use colored paper sacks and fill them up with Wonka candies. Nerds, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Laffy Taffy and Wonka Bars are common ones that you can buy in candy shops. You can also include a copy of the book.

Letting your child have a Willy Wonka party will definitely be a wonderful and unforgettable experience. It’s even better than reading the novel or watching the book. Try out this fun party theme for his birthday, and watch his excitement as he enters the magical world of Charlie and Mr. Wonka.

Below is a video of a child’s Willy Wonka themed birthdy party to enjoy:

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