Election Party Ideas

Election party
The results of this year’s election are just around the corner, and after months of heated and tension-inducing campaigns, an election party is the perfect way to kick back and let go of all negative vibes. Watch the election returns with friends and family from opposing political parties and still have fun! Want to throw your own election party? Read on for some tips.

Winning Election Party Invitations

Invitation for party
Your invitations should look patriotic and incorporate your flag’s colors and design. You can have different variations of the American flag’s red, white and blue. You can even print the presidential candidate’s faces on your invitation, campaign logos, or the partisan symbols: donkeys for the Democrats and elephants for the Republicans.

Another invitation theme is to have Uncle Sam’s picture pointing and declaring “I Want You to Come to My Election Party!” as a distinctly American invitation to your party.

An election party can also have a costume theme. Ask your guests to come in their best impersonation of the candidates.

Electing Your Party Decorations

Flag for decoration

Like the invitations, the color scheme for your election party should follow the flag’s colors. Banners, streamers, balloons, napkins, plates, cups and utensils should also come in these hues. Have miniature American flags posted up and for tablecloths, you can have plain white with red lining as not to make it so loud. For your table centerpieces, get red and white flowers. You can also use floating candles placed in shallow bowls in the same colors.

Set up a large television set or several smaller ones so everyone can watch the election returns, which is the whole point of the party. Radios are another option. You should also have speakers plugged to enhance the sound so everyone can hear election results updates clearly. Make sure that you have adequate seats, bean bags or sofas around the television sets so that people can sit comfortably.

Put up posters of the election hopefuls, and underneath them, place a large black sheet of paper that can be the “Freedom Wall”, where your guests can write their comments and opinions about the ongoing elections. Have some sharpies in containers nearby.

Once your guests arrive, hand out party buttons, but ask them first who they’re voting for or what party they are part of. Hand out jaunty red, white and blue hats. They look silly, but they’re lots of fun.

Party decoration
One way to save money for the decorations is to use materials from your last 4th of July party. Both parties require patriotic designs and colors, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

You can even incorporate your children’s toys by using their elephant and donkey stuffed toys as part of the party décor. Put them in prominent places like the top of your television set or by the entrance.

Have red, white and blue confetti and sparklers that you’ll use to celebrate the closing of the election season.

Maverick Party Food and Drinks

Your food should be appropriate for the season and weather. Election falls around the latter part of the year, so you should serve warmer food and drinks. You should also consider that an election party is not exactly a sit-down dinner since people will be watching television, walking around and talking to other guests. Have food items that can be carried around easily without causing too much mess if they spill.

    Deviled eggs for food

  • Hors d’œuvre. Set down trays of these small, delicious treats like deviled eggs, fruits, cheese, sausages, cold cuts, canapes and dumplings. For easy eating, use toothpicks that come in red, white and blue colors, or those that come with small flags.
  • Chips and Dip. No television experience is the same without chips on the side, even if you’re watching something like the elections. Your guests will be glued to watching the election returns, eating chips all the while, so make sure you have lots of chips and dip at hand.
  • Popcorn. Another part of the television-viewing experience. It’s fun to throw around too, especially if you’re not liking the election outcome. (Learn how to make colored popcorn)
  • 20
    Yummy sandwiches

  • Sandwiches. Have an array of sandwiches with different fillings like chicken salad, tuna salad, ham and bacon and cut them out in donkey and elephant shapes using cookie cutters. Hamburgers and hotdog sandwiches are also a welcome addition to your table.
  • Comfort Food. In stressful situations like watching the election returns, comfort food is needed. Spaghetti, pizza, sloppy joes, chili are called for the best kind of stress eating that you’ll be doing.
  • Election Cakes and Cupcakes. There are many bakeries that offer special election cakes and cupcakes. They can come in colored frostings that will match your decorations and can even be decorated like the faces of the election’s political hopefuls!
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    Smirnoff drinks

  • Red and Blue Punch. Your election colors can be reflected in your drinks, too. Making punch in red or blue colors is pretty easy. All you have to do is buy two liters of red or blue unsweetened berry flavored drink mix. Mix it with a liter of white or colorless cranberry juice, seven to eight scoops of vanilla ice cream and a cup of white sugar.
  • Beer. Since you have to be 18 and above to vote, it’s pretty clear that most of your guests will be of legal age and are allowed to drink alcohol. There’ll be plenty of drinking in any election party, either from celebrating a win or drowning disappointment with losing.
  • Hard Drinks. Thanks to Blue Curacao and Smirnoff’s Red Cranberry Twist Vodka, you can make a slew of red and blue cocktail drinks using different combinations of alcohol.

Electric Election Party Games and Activities

Believe it or not, there are lulls in between watching the latest updates on the election returns, so why not use the time to play entertaining games and activities? Here are some suggestions:

    Drinking contest

  • Drinking Games. It can’t be avoided that the election’s hopeful politicians will have patented catchphrases, gestures, mannerisms, and even tics that become apparent after months of watching them campaign. List down these things they’re most likely to do, and take a drink every time you see them do any of these in the duration of the election returns coverage on television.
  • Trivia Contest. Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Or at least, do you still remember your historical facts and figures? Hold a trivia contest about your country’s history, politicians and former presidents. Find out who’s really been listening to their teachers all those years ago.
  • Betting Pool. If watching the outcome of who will lead your country in the next four years isn’t high-stakes enough, raise the stakes further by arranging a betting pool.
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    Voting games

  • Charades. Use election-related terms to use in this round of election party charades. (Tips on how to play charades)
  • Guess the Lead. Try to guess how much the winning candidate led over his or her opposition. The one whose number is the closest to the actual number wins.
  • Vote for Each Other. Since everyone’s out counting votes, maybe another round of voting won’t hurt. Make zany categories like, “Most Ardent Supporter,” “Looks Most Like a Politician,” “Sexiest Republican,” and have your guests vote on it in the duration of the party. Announce the winners later. You can even have a mock swear-in ceremony.

Drinking games for election party.

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Remember, an election party is done to bring people together, even those who support opposing political parties. No matter how heated the debate and the candidates’ race are, having a unified stand is always the most important at the end of the day, but you should also enjoy yourself. It is still a party, after all!

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