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Going Away Party Ideas

Leaving on a plane
Im leaving on a jet plane

Your friend is leaving on a jet plane, and you don’t know when he or she will be back again. It’s not just a business trip or a short vacation overseas; your friend is going away for good. Maybe the company has relocated, or your friend has to move away to start a new life far away from the old neighborhood. It’s a very moving and emotional experience to see a close friend leave for good, but such is life. One way that you can make your friend feel extra special is to throw a going away party for him or her.

Bon voyage parties can be anything from simple gatherings to grand bashes. What’s important is that you make your friend feel so important and loved that he or she will miss people way before he or she boards that plane. With a bit of careful planning, loads of creativity, and lots of sincere friendship and love for the guest of honor, the bon voyage party will truly be one of the best memories your friend will keep for years to come.


My relatives and friends

Weeks before your grand send-off, you should send invites to friends and relatives of your friend. Bon voyage parties are a great way to strengthen relationships, and also to patch things up with relationships that have turned sour or bitter over the years. Make sure to make up a guest list of people who are important to your friend, including relatives and close friends. Remember, it’s your friend’s going away party, and not a party you’re throwing for yourself.


One way to make your friend feel really special is to leave a small card inside the invitation where your friends can write a short tribute for him or her. You don’t need long toasts or spiels, just something that can make everyone show how important your guest is to them. Heartfelt messages need not be long or overly dramatic. A few short sentences about what loved ones truly feel about the guest of honor will do.

Offsetting Expenses

Parties can be quite expensive, and you may not be able to afford the bon voyage bash on your own. One way that you could offset the expenses of the party, and perhaps provide more food and entertainment for more guests, is to enclose a small envelope with the invitation. Add a small note to the envelope that you plan to buy a special gift for your friend, and that it’s not within your party budget to buy one. Maybe your friends can chip in a few cash gifts or checks with the envelope, so that you can all buy your friend that one gift he or she truly needs to start life over in a new place.

Going Away Party Themes

We will be missing you

One way to make your friend’s going away party a smashing success is to add a theme element to your party. You can make the going away party a costume party or a grand ball, if your budget will allow it. The important thing to remember is that your friend should remember the good times he or she shared with you. The party should be the icing on the cake of all those memories. Here are some terrific ideas you can try for your friend’s going-away party:

Home Dinner Party

A dinner between close friends can really forge a bond that will last a lifetime, no matter how far your friend will go. To make the party extra special, here are two ways to make a simple home dinner party memorable:

  • Family style. A big dinner where food is already served and ready on the table can remind your friend of home. Family-style dinners are also very economical for serving and feeding small groups of people.
  • Buffet. Buffet dinners work really well if you have more than a dozen guests or if you have a lot of dishes to serve. You will only need a buffet table, trays, plates, casseroles, and other tools to store food in. You can easily rent buffet tables and equipment from restaurant equipment rental shops.

One of the best ways to make your friend feel really special is to prepare the dishes on your own. The problem is that preparing and cooking food takes time, especially if you have to cook and serve a lot of meals and food choices for a lot of people. A better option would be to cook some really special dishes yourself, but leave the bulk of the cooking to caterers.

Buffet table
Buffet table
Expensive plates
Same trays in a table

Restaurant Gathering

If you’re not confident about your cooking skills, but you do know where your friend’s favorite restaurant is, you can set a reservation for a party there. It will cost quite a lot, but it can remind your friend of home. That favorite restaurant may just be the place where he or she will have a taste of what it’s like to be home. For as long as your party budget can afford it, have the restaurant prepare the best specialty dishes they have available on the menu.

“This Is Your Life”

One way to make your friend feel really appreciated is to give him or her a fitting tribute to all the memories you shared together. A “This Is Your Life” tribute can really make your friend really appreciate that he or she will really miss you all. Here are some ideas on how to make a fitting reminiscence of the life and times of your good friend:

Video Presentations

    Secret meeting with her friends

  • Arrange for a secret meeting with your friends in a place where you can shoot short testimonial videos for your friend.
  • Have each friend say a short message straight to the video camera, telling the audience about good memories they have of the guest of honor.
  • Add some old home videos or photos of the memorable you spent with your friend for a dramatic montage effect. You can do this on your own with video editing software, or you can have a professional editor do this for you.


Another way to send your appreciation for your friend is to propose toasts over wine. Each guest will raise his or her glass to honor your friend, and to wish him or her well in the next phase of her life. Toasts don’t have to be formal or dramatic, but they should definitely be sincere and heartfelt. (Learn how to make a toast)

Party Parting Gifts

One of the best ways to show your love and appreciation for your friend is to buy him or her a gift to remember all of you by. Here are some gifts that you can give to your friend as a going away present:

  • If your friend is going away to start a new life in a new place, chances are he or she will need help to start out life anew. You can give him or her an appliance like a blender, a food processor, or a set of knives and cutlery.
  • If you know that he or she may be financially hard-up, a small cash gift is a big help that he or she can use to start out a new chapter in life.
  • Tea cups, framed photos, and personalized shirts are affordable ways to make your friend remember the good times you shared. Remember, it’s always the thought that counts.

Kiss him or her, and smile for him or her. Tell your friend to wait for you, and hold him or her like you’ll never let go. While parting is such sweet sorrow, you can always trust your friend to know that you’ll both pay each other visits when you’re around town. With these going away party ideas, you’re rest assured that it’s only a matter of time before your friend will be back again. For more information regarding this article, read Creative ways to bid someone farewell.

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