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The mere thought of high school prom night may strike a raw nerve in many people. Some may have good memories of prom, because they danced with the loves of their life for the very first time. Some may have bad memories because they were rejected, or they didn’t go to prom with their dream dates. Yet one dance on the spotlighted floor of the school auditorium does not have to determine the course of your life. Whether your prom night was a smashing success or a dismal failure, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

The prom night itself can be very formal for the taste of rowdy teenagers who want to have fun. The good news is that many school administrators now involve their students in the planning stage for prom night. If you don’t want to spend the rest of your life regretting your prom experience, here are some ideas on how you can help yourself and your schoolmates have the best prom experience ever.

Save the Last Dance

Lets dance
Whatta sweet dance

Songs played on your prom night could be the most meaningful set of songs you’ll listen to. You’ve been crushing on a particular classmate for years, and now here’s your chance to dance with him or her right under the spotlight. You need to coordinate with your school administrators to find the perfect song for your own prom.

Prom Mainstays

Songs by David Pomeranz, Celine Dion, or Boyz II Men may not be for everyone, but they are tried and tested for prom nights charged with a romantic feel. “King and Queen of Hearts” and “Got to Believe in Magic” by David Pomeranz are a mainstay for many proms, and so are Celine Dion songs like “I Love You” and “Because You Loved Me.” Boyz II Men also has its own fair share of prom songs, like “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday” and “Four Seasons of Loneliness.” The ballads of Selena and The Cranberries are also often found in prom music selections. Another very popular conventional prom song is “I Finally Found Someone” by Bryan Adams and Barbara Streisand.

Unique Prom Songs

Sometimes you may want a break from the usual clichés of Donna Summer and Barry Manilow, and you want to have prom music selections that you all can relate to. Here are some relatively recent songs that you may want to consider for your prom dance music:

  • “This Never Happened Before” by Paul McCartney was the original soundtrack of The Lake House, and is sure to bring tears to many of your classmates’ eyes.
  • “Crash Into Me” by the Dave Matthews Band may be a bit mature, but it has a nice beat and rhythm for a slow dance.
  • “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith is a really popular romantic anthem that gives your prom a really emotional experience.
  • aerosmith
    Aerosmith Songs
    Jon McLaughlin Songs
    Backstreetboys alright!
  • “So Close” by Jon McLaughlin was used in the movie Enchanted to perfect romantic effect, and is a good addition to your prom selections.
  • “Everything” by Alanis Morissette puts grunge, angst, and romance in one really intense song that will move emotions on the ballroom floor.
  • “As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys may sound a bit corny and out of place, but just wait until your schoolmates come on over to dance.

Prom Themes

A beautiful and nice venue

Prom is a formal occasion, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. Remember that prom night is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you should be able to make the prom memorable for your batch. Here are some ideas that you can use to make your prom one of the best nights of your life:

  • Venues for your prom should not be limited to the school auditorium. If your school can afford it, or if your schoolmates are willing to shell out some money for a different venue, you can try other places to hold your prom. A garden, a forest, the ballroom of a hotel, or even the beach are good, unique places to hold prom night.
  • Food should be top priority when it comes to prom. You can prepare the food yourself and use the skills you learned in home economics class. A better option would be to hire an affordable catering service that offers the best food and selection for the best value.

Costumes and Scenarios

Costumes and scenarios are a great way to add some depth and character to your prom night. Prom doesn’t have to be a regular ballroom scene for a younger audience. For many teenagers, prom night can be the fulfillment of a childhood fantasy. Here are some ideas that you can use to make your prom that one fantasy night anyone can enjoy:

  • Cinderella and Prince Charming. Fairy tales are the stuff fantasy prom nights are made of. While girls don’t have to come in glass slippers and fairy godmothers don’t have to change pumpkins into coaches, you can decorate the venue with flowers and ribbons that make the experience very magical.
  • Retro. If you’re into 1950s greaser themes, 1970s disco, or 1980s big hair bands, you can have a prom that literally takes you all back in time. Instead of prom dresses and suits, you can wear some of the fashion statements of the era. (Learn how to make a fifties costume)
  • Retro
    Do we look Retro?
  • Old West. Whether you’re gunslingers or country Western jug bands, the Old West is a perfect theme for romantic cowboy stories on the frontier. Have your friends and schoolmates wear Stetson hats, leather chaps, cowboy boots, plaid shirts and dresses, and have the time of your life square-dancing inside a makeshift saloon.
  • Outer space. Whether it’s the bridge of the USS Enterprise from “Star Trek” or the timeless battle of the Jedi and the Sith in “Star Wars,” outer space is a perfect prom theme for those who like science fiction. Have your friends and schoolmates dress up as astronauts, space marines, or even as aliens for a unique twist to prom.

Keeping Everyone Happy

Let’s face it, not everyone’s happy during prom. Some may be shy, or some may have yet to appreciate the fun and the joy of young love and sweet love. Some of your friends may feel insecure that they don’t have dates. It’s important to be sensitive to everyone’s feelings, especially for those who are not as outgoing or as extroverted as others. Here are some ways that you can involve everyone into the fun.

Ladies’ Choice

Want to be her date?

It has always been a custom for boys to take out girls on dates. To add an extra special twist to your prom, you can turn the tables on the dating tradition. Rather than have the boys pick who they want to dance with or spend prom night with, you can give that choice to the ladies. That way, girls will also have something to look forward to and keep themselves busy for the weeks leading to prom night.

“No Dates”

Sometimes prom night can be a drag for people who try as hard as they can, but can’t seem to get dates for prom night. Rather than ignore them altogether and treat them as wallflowers in the party, you should consider having a prom night where all guys go stag, while girls go into the prom without dates. That way, everyone will have a fair chance at meeting up with other people during the prom.

Places to Go After Prom

Prom may strike some people to be boring and quite stiff. If you need to loosen up the tie or the corsage and have some fun, here are some ways to enjoy the rest of the night after the ball:

  • Bowling. Nothing can be more fun than rolling some strikes and spares at a bowling lane while wearing your prom dress. (Tips on how to bowl a strike)
  • Roller-skating. If you still want to dance, but you want to give the moment a fun twist, you can do some waltzes or even sambas on roller skates.
  • Basketball. There’s nothing more exhilarating than a good game of half-court street basketball in front of a friend’s garage, while wearing your best tuxedo.
  • Ice cream. After a night of dancing and waltzing, you may want to have some sodas and ice cream to cool off. It’s also very romantic if you share that simple moment with your prom date.
  • Bowling
    One more strike
    Lets play basketball
    Roller skate
    Roller skates

Prom Safety

Prom night is often a time when kids start to experiment on tobacco, alcohol, or even illicit drugs. Vices, addictions, and teenage pregnancies are often unwanted consequences of being irresponsible during prom night. If you’re not absolutely sure that nothing will go wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having to go home early, or bringing along a chaperone. Be aware of the risks of vice and unprotected sexual encounters. Always remember to go home in groups; as much as possible, avoid going home from prom night alone.

Prom night is a truly memorable experience for many people. With the right attitude, theme, and the right person clinging to you at the last dance, it’s a precious little something you’ll remember forever.

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