Retirement Party Ideas

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After many years of service, retirement is something that many people look forward to. They will now have time to kick off those working shoes and prop their feet up for some serious relaxation. Retirement can also be pretty bittersweet-all those years also saw friends, colleagues, bosses and clients come and go, and a longstanding job comes with a lot of memories and a lot of stories.

Throw a dear member of the family or a friend a warm retirement party to celebrate all those years. A retirement party is a fitting tribute and gesture for someone who’s worked so hard and did excellent service. Here are some ideas you can use for a beautiful and meaningful retirement party.

Retirement Party Themes

You can make a retirement party more enjoyable by having a party theme to go along with it. Keep in mind that any theme you choose must cater to what the guest of honor likes and enjoys. This way, he or she will know that you really tailored the party to personally suit your guest of honor.

  • Surprise Party. Give your guest of honor a pleasant surprise. Secrecy can be a little hard when it comes to retirement parties with all the people who are sure to come, but all the hard work will be worth it once you see the delight in the guest of honor’s eyes. (Tips on how to plan a surprise party)
  • Hobby. Does the guest of honor like to go fishing? How about bowling? Pick a hobby your guest of honor is passionate about, like it’s sports or wine tasting. Making the retirement party centered around a hobby can be a real bonding experience and who knows, maybe you’ll finally understand the fascination.
  • Its a surprise party
    Its a surprise party for me
    Im fun with fishing
    Well its a holiday season
  • Career. Did the guest of honor have an interesting career? A party theme centered around the guest of honor’s career can also make for a fun party. For example, if the guest of honor had an exciting career as a fireman or a policeman, you can get a treasure of ideas from those professions.
  • Holiday. Retirement parties almost always includes family along with the guest of honor’s colleagues amd friends, so why not kill two birds with one stone and celebrate it on a holiday? Not only will this ensure that they have a free day on their schedule, but it’s an extra-special way of celebrating the holidays.

By making the party tailor-made for your guest of honor, not only will it make the party more enjoyable for him or her, but the guests might understand more about him or her as well! What used to be a baffling hobby for others will suddenly be enjoyable for other people as well.

Party Preparations

Retirement Invitation

Retirement parties can be a little more tricky than ordinary parties because they usually involve different guests, so you have to make the party enjoyable for people of all ages. This and other things you should know while preparing for a retirement party are:

  • Invitations. The design can follow the theme of the party, its color motif, or it could be personalized. The invitation can include the picture of the guest of honor. Whatever your invitation design is, make sure that you send it in advance, to make sure that those who live in distant places get it on time. Leave a contact number and e-mail address your guests can RSVP to, because you’ll be needing an estimate of how many guests you’ll be expecting.
  • Party Space. Again, you’re expecting lots of guests: Colleagues, friends, family, people in the business your guest of honor was in. If you don’t think your home can be an adequate venue, make reservations for your party at least a few months in advance.
  • Overnight Guests. A retirement party is a very special affair, so you can expect some out-of-towners flying in for the event. Ask friends or family if they can spare a room for your guests for a night or two. If not, you always have the option of lodging them in a nearby inn or hotel.
  • Toasts. Great speeches and toasts never come out of the blue and they usually involve a lot of preparation. Ask special people in advance if they would like to make a speech or a toast for the guest of honor. This will give them time to think about what they would like to say on this special occassion. (Learn how to make a toast)
  • toast
    Lets have a toast
    Gorgeous caters
    Well its a holiday season
  • Put Together a Video Tribute. A touching video tribute doesn’t have to be too elaborate. You can simply scan pictures of the guest of honor through the years on the job, and create a slideshow with his or her favorite music playing in the background. Editing will take a few days, so make sure you put aside time to do this.
  • Catering. If you’re expecting a lot of people, it’s probably a better idea to get your party a caterer. Having more food than not enough food is always preferable in any party.
  • Photographer
    Im a Photographer

  • Hire a Photographer or a Videographer. Retirement parties don’t come around very often for the same person, so it’s important that you take home a lot of memories and souvenirs. Scout around for a good photographer and videographer to be at hand for those wonderful moments.

Following a schedule and doing things in advance as much as possible will ensure that you don’t forget any of the important details. It will also lessen the possibility of you running around without enjoying the party, too.

Retirement Party Games and Activities

It’s likely that a variety of people will be at the party, so why not break the ice with some fun games and activities? Here are some games you can play at a retirement party.

  • Hobby Game. If your party has a theme after the guest of honor’s hobby, incorporate this hobby in the activities. For example, if you have a golf theme, play a round of indoor golf. If you have a fishing game, play fishing video games. With today’s technology and innovations, the possibilities of bringing your hobby in the games are endless.
  • Check this out, fun Fishing Video game.

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  • Share Stories. Select people who can give the most amusing and touching stories about the guest of honor. Have the guests gather around to hear these stories, and by the end of the activity, they’ll know the guest of honor better than they do.
  • Learn from the Pros. Round up all the retirees along with your guest of honor and they can all share nuggets of wisdom and anecdotes from their years in the business to all the younger guests gathered.
  • Remember When. The guest of honor sits in the middle of a circle surrounded by guests. Guests will then relate a story that involved the guest of honor in the past. You might want to screen what stories will be told because you certainly don’t want to upset the guest of honor, or, say, the guest of honor’s spouse. The person relating the story will then stop in the middle or near the end of the story. The guest of honor will then try to recall and finish the story, and then guess who is the person related to story.
  • Money Tree. A money retirement tree is also a nice gift for the retiree. Prepare a small branch with smaller brances on it, put it in a pot and ask the guests to tie little rolls of bills on the tree. Present the money tree to the guest of honor before the party ends.
  • Karaoke. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to display their vocal stylings to some very classic songs? Provide a karaoke machine in your party for young and old alike to belt it out and sho what they’ve got.
  • Watch this movie and hear the old man sing his songs.

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  • Roast. Poke good-natured jokes or over-the-top praises for the guest of honor for a great party roast.

The day is all about the guest of honor, but don’t stress out too much over the party if you are the organizer. You have every reason to enjoy it as much as the other guests. Enjoy this special day with your dear guest of honor. Happy partying.

  • Vacation Spot Game. If the guest of honor will be taking a vacation in a nice holiday spot, have the guests help out by suggesting nice things to do or places to visit while he or she is there. Divide your guests into teams, and the team that gets the most good suggestions in wins the game.
  • On the Spot Scrapbook. Take formal and candid shots of the guest of honor and the guests. Print them out and put them in a scrapbook and ask the guests to write their dedications. A guestbook and a scrapbook in one!

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