1st Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Your baby’s first birthday is one of the most important milestones in his or her life, so it’s only nice if you can prepare a party for your little angel. It doesn’t have to be very extravagant, just enough to celebrate your child’s special day.

Many parents opt for a simple celebration, like a barbecue lunch or a dinner party with close friends or family. If you don’t want to spend much, you can try these. You can even add a bit of decorations to make the party more enjoyable.

Here are some easy, but budget-friendly 1st birthday party decorations you can get.

  • Personalized birthday banner – You can do this yourself, using some large construction or poster paper, and coloring materials.
  • Baby photos – Get pictures of the child, from the infant from the infant years up to present.
  • Stuffed animals and toys – Put them around the venue, as a cute and cuddly décor for the celebration.
  • A “Happy 1st Birthday!” banner – Guests can sign in their greetings and best wishes for the baby.

With some helium balloons and streamers, these simple but cheap birthday party will make your child’s party look more exciting. Try them out for your baby’s special day!

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Decorations for a Family Reunion

Having a family reunion is wonderful. You get to spend time and have fun with your closest kin, while eating and reminiscing about your lives. Since it’s usually an extravagant celebration, you need to have everything properly prepared, even the decorations.

Whether you have a set theme for your family reunion or not, it’s nice if you can prepare special decorations for the celebration. Here are a few ideas you can try.

  • Get a life-size tree cut out, complete with branches and leaves. Then, prepare separate leaves and branches cut outs. When family members arrive, give each of them a leaf and tell them to write their name and stick it on the tree.
  • Aside from streamers and balloons, hang a large banner at the part entrance with words like “Family Reunion” or “Welcome to The Family Party!” written on it. Decorate it in the most creative way you can.
  • Collect family photographs and make a collage centerpiece out of them. You can also ask for pictures of family members and stick them all over the walls of the venue.

Family reunions are always special celebrations, so it’s only right to decorate it in a special way. Try these easy, but creative tips.

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Window Clings for Celebrations

Are you holding a party in a venue with large glass windows? Aside from the usual streamers, banners and posters, you can get other kinds of party decorations. In this case, you can get window clings. These are sticker-like party decorations you can attach to glass windows.

Many people like window clings because they’re flexible, and easy to use and remove. You just have to clean the surface where you’ll put it, peel off the cling and put it on the window. It’s mess-free too, because you don’t need any extra adhesive.

Window clings come in various designs to suit any occasion. Is it a Valentine’s Day party? Get clings with red heart and cupid shapes on them. Celebrating Easter? Go get some Easter egg cling designs. There are also window clings for children’s birthdays, weddings or black-tie events.

If you need something decorative to cover all those windows, go get some window clings. They’re not expensive, but they can brighten up your party.

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Creative Garland Ideas

Along with balloons, streamers and confetti, garlands are among the most popularly used party decorations today. They can be easily bought from party supplies stores, but if you want to save a few dollars, why not make them yourself? You can recycle old materials you can find around the house and end up with something crafty you’ll be proud of. Here are a couple of easy garland ideas you can make.

  • Christmas Greeting Card Garland - If you’ve got a bunch of old Christmas cards you don’t want to throw out, use them for this garland. Trace circles onto the colorful card surfaces and cut them out. Then, secure the paper discs to heavy thread, using a dot sticker and glue stick. You can hang these around your walls or put them in your Christmas tree.
  • Baby Name Garland - Welcoming a new baby into the family? Use this garland idea for a baby shower. Get some paper plates, decorate each one with a letter from the baby name and then string them together. You cal also ask different people to write messages instead of letters . Hang it around the venue. After the party, you can also put it up in your baby’s nursery.

Decors don’t have to be expensive! Try these garland ideas for your next celebration. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

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Using Neon Party Lights

Can’t get enough of Las Vegas? Everyone dreams of going to the Sin City, and having a wonderful time there. You know going there will cost you to much, so you decide to just have a fun Vegas party in your home. You’ve got the casino games, the bright music and the delectable food, yet there’s still something missing: the neon lights!

Of the many fixtures people use for parties, neon lights are included among the most popular ones used today. For most of us, they can only be seen in advertising and store signs, bu for many others, they brighten up different parties. Neon lights bring an exciting atmosphere to the celebration, with their blinking and striking appearance. They are also very flexible, and can go well for almost any party, such as for New Year, Halloween and sometimes even Christmas. Birthdays and dinner parties can also have them.

Neon party lights come in different colors, such as red, red-orange, yellow, purple, blue and green. You can get them in numerous sizes and shapes, from typical bulb-like ones to twisted, star-shaped kinds. There are string neon lights that can be hung around the garden for an evening barbecue party, and there are also seventies disco lights available for a retro party. It depends on your party and how you plan to use it.

If you want, you can get a scene setter to accent your neon party lights. These are like posters, except they’re made of vinyl and are hung on the wall with sticky tacks. They come in different designs, so you can choose one which suits your party best.

A Las Vegas party will not be complete without fun neon party lights. Make sure you have these decorations for your fun celebration!

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Summer Party Décor Ideas

You can tell it’s summer again. The sun is high and bright in the sky, and people are either preparing barbecues or going to the beach. As for you, you start to plan a wonderful summer party for your family and close friends. To make sure everyone enjoys themselves and feels the fun party atmosphere, you carefully plan all the party details, even the decorations.Most summer parties are casual, and you might not want to make too much fuss when it comes to decorations. You should stick to the basics, so you won’t have a difficult time. Here are some things you can get.

  • Table cloths and runners – To complement the cheerful season, pick out brightly-colored ones, in hues of yellow or orange. You can also get some with summer prints on them, such as sun or flower patterns.
  • Centerpiece – You can stick to conventional summer centerpieces like summer flowers in small vases. Another idea is to make a “beach” centerpiece. Get a beach bucket, fill them with sand and then stick candle in. You can also put in beach toys and shells.
  • Candles or lanterns – These will look good if you’re having an evening summer party. Hang colorful lanterns around the venue for a pretty summer scene, while you can put the candles in candleholders on the tables. You can use pillar, votives or taper candles. The great thing about these decorations is you can also save electricity!
  • Chair covers – Since you’ve covered your tables with pretty cloths, get matching ones for your chairs.
  • Dinnerware – Make sure you get ones that fit your menu and your party tone. Is the party casual? Then use colorful and eco-friendly paper and plastic dinnerware. If it’s sophisticated, use brightly colored chinaware instead.
  • Music – Mood music complements the look of your whole venue. Find lively ones that’ll fit the summer season. You can also get dance music, so if people want to be groovy, they can do so!

Make sure these items are included in your decorations checklist. They’ll bright lots of cheer to your summer party!

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Kiddie Book Party Décor Ideas

A child who loves reading will go a long way. It’s a very good idea if you encourage this hobby, so why not create a children’s book theme for his or her birthday? Just imagine: all the favorite book characters children love, from Pinocchio to Harry Potter, in a unique and fun celebration!

You must prepare the different party aspects, so everyone will really feel the theme. The decorations, for example, must be already arranged. The only problem is, you don’t want to spend a lot of money. After all, it’s only for one afternoon.

Fun, but budget-friendly book party decorations aren’t very difficult to make, and all you need is a bit of creativity and some typical household items. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

  • Everyone knows many fairy tale stories take place in a large and grand castle—so make a castle backdrop for the celebration. Get a large piece of construction paper, then, using some coloring and paint materials, draw a large castle. Stick it onto a bare wall on your party venue.
  • Get posters of popular fairy book characters and stick them all around your walls.
  • If your child has lots of books, mount some of them around the room. Place a plastic cover over them, so the children won’t keep touching them.
  • You can also put all the books on one round table, and create a “mini library” centerpiece. When they’re resting from all the tiring activities, they can get a book, sit on the chair and read.
  • Dragons and mythical creatures are always welcomes at any kiddie book party. Find or make your own dragon or winged horse pinata. Hang it in the middle of the room, as a ceiling décor. When it’s time for games, the kiddies can crack it open!

A wonderful book-oriented kiddie party will make your child enjoy his or her love for books better, and hopefully, these decorations will help brighten the unique celebration!

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Food Centerpiece Ideas

Party buffet looking a little bland? You can dress it up with colorful tablecloths and utensils, but you have to admit that no matter what you do, you’ll need to mix in a bit of color for your food spread. Otherwise, the guests might not pay any attention to the dishes you’ve prepared. Well, here’s a simple but delectable treat you can use for your party.

You’ll need a styrofoam tree or figure for this decor. It should be large enough to act as a table centerpiece, and the figure should be befitting for your celebration. For example: a Christmas tree styrofoam for a Christmas party, a starfish for an under-the-sea birthday party or a large Easter egg for an Easter celebration. Then, get some party pickers or toothpicks. Lastly, you’ll need a bunch of cut up fruits, such as apples, pineapples, banana and peach.

The first step is to put at least three colorful fruit pieces on a party picker. Leave just enough space so you can stick it in the styrofoam figure. Afterwards, fill the styrofoam figure with these party picker fruit kebabs. Make sure the styrofoam’s shape is still apparent, and that you’re putting the party pickers evenly around the figure.

When you get every inch of the styrofoam covered, your yummy centerpiece is ready to be displayed! Just make sure nobody eats it until the party is over, though.

An extra tip: if you don’t have fruits, you can improvise with other food items. Use gummy bears, small pieces of chocolate or marshmallows for kiddie celebrations. Tomatoes, cheese and olives would be suitable for an adult party.

Try this fun but simple food decoration idea for your next party. Your guests will not only admire it, but they’ll also find it appetizing!

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Fourth Of July Party Decor

Planning a Fourth of July bash? It might seem a bit too early, to start planning, but if you want your celebration to be really impressive and enjoyable, you should take care of some of the details as soon as you can. You can also avoid having to run around and worry during the party. Take for example, the decorations. You should already know what particular decorative pieces you’re going to use to entice your guests.

It’s easy to pick out ready-made Fourth of July party decorations, but if you want to make it more special, you can also be a bit creative. Here are some ideas you can use.

  • Patriotic Red-White-And-Blue Wind-Spinners – Remember the windmill-like things you used to make in elementary? These are very easy to make, and all you need is some construction paper, some tacks and some sticks . Put these around the garden (for and outdoors party), or use it as a wind chime over your doorways (for indoor parties).
  • Fourth Of July Napkin Holders – Glue red, white and blue pieces of paper on your napkin holder for a fun Fourth Of July twist.
  • Patriotic Wreaths - If you want the party to look more poignant and solemn, get some lovely wreaths and put them around the house. It’s like paying tribute to all the Revolutionaries who gave America its freedom!
  • Red-White-And-Blue Candles – Use red, white and blue streamers and wrap them around the candlesticks. These candles will certainly give a brighter glow to your celebration.
  • American Flags – Fourth of July would be incomplete without these! Hang them all around the walls, for a really patriotic look.

Don’t forget to take care of your Fourth of July decorations. Use these simple, but creative ideas. That way, you’ll get to focus on the other important party aspects—like the fireworks and the food!

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Doing a Kiddie Mural

One of the most difficult challenges of kiddie parties is the decoration. Unless you have enough budget and you can purchase ready-made decorations, you’ll have to come up with creative homemade decors for the place. Well, here’s one easy idea: let your kids take care of this aspect. Set up a mural wall, and let them create a bright and colorful mood for the party!

The great thing about a mural wall is you won’t spend a lot of money. You just need simple materials, such as crayons, large sheets of easel paper, butcher paper or brown paper and some masking tape.

  • First, you need to choose which wall would be appropriate for the mural. If the party’s pretty simple, you can just settle on one, but if you’re having tons of guests, then pick at least two.
  • Get the paper you’ll be using. If it’s one large roll, tape one part to one edge of the wall, using the masking tape. Then roll it over to the other side, and secure it with tape. If you’re using several large pieces, you should first attach them all together with masking tape, turn it over and then tape the paper to the wall.
  • Remember to just use masking tape. Other adhesive tapes can be very viscous, that they can peel off your wall paper or paint when you remove it.
  • To make sure the paper sticks, out double-over pieces of masking tape between the paper and the wall.
  • Draw a border using a dark crayon around the edges of paper, so the children will be reminded that they shouldn’t write on the wall.
  • If you have a party theme, write it on top of the paper. For example, if it’s Aladdin-themed, write “Arabian Nights” at the top, or if you’re having a Teletubby party, write “Welcome to Teletubby Land!”
  • Let the guests work on the mural as soon as they arrive. By the time you’re all ready to start the party, everyone would have added a colorful drawing on the wall.

Decors for a children’s party shouldn’t be too much of a hassle! Use this mural idea, and let the kids create a cheery and fun look for the party.

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