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classroom party
Kids enjoying classroom party

Are you a teacher whose students are always bored in the classroom? Do they look sluggish and not ready to absorb what you teach? They probably need to see the classroom in a brighter, more fun way. The best way to do this is to hold a classroom party.

Classroom parties can be held any time during the school year. You can hold one to celebrate the start of the school year or the end of the school year. You may also hold one to celebrate better grades from your students or just to have fun. If you’re successful, the party might push your students to look at the classroom as a fun place to learn and be with friends. There are many things to consider when planning a classroom party, including the invitations, the decorations, the games and activities, and the food.

Classroom Party Invitations

Simple party invitation

Partying in the classroom starts with the invitations. Classroom party invitations should remind the students that this is an educational party, and not just a regular party where they’ll just play all day. One thing you can do is buy small notebooks and slip the invitations on their front covers. The invitations should include the details of the party, including the time, date, and venue for the party. You may also write the food, games, and activities that students can expect at the party. Students can then use those notebooks in the classroom or at home after the party is over.

Another thing you can do is make paper cutouts of school buses or lunchboxes. Color the invitations using crayons and markers, then write the details of the party inside. You can give them to your students during class or mail them to their homes.

If you know how to edit pictures on the computer, there are many photo-editing and greeting card programs that you can use to make party invitations. Simply use the available templates on the photo-editing program and fill in the blank spaces with the details of the party. If all your students have access to the Internet, then you can send the invitations online. You may also print the invitations and hand them out to your students.

Classroom Party Decorations

party decoration
Cool classroom party decoration

All the decorations at your classroom party should be related to the things you discuss; for example, if you’re discussing history, then the room should be filled with pictures and figures of historical figures. If you’re a math teacher, then cover the walls of the classroom with colorful numbers and mathematical symbols. Letters of the alphabet will also look good hung from the ceiling.

Move the chairs and desks to the sides of the classroom to allow more room for games and activities. Chairs and desks themselves can be decorated by wrapping them in colored sheets of paper. Write messages on the blackboard about the occasion you’re celebrating; for example, “Congratulations to my bright students for their high grades!”

Hang streamers along the walls to make the mood more festive. Play some music on the sound system and turn up the volume. The playlist could include pop hits or children’s songs if your students are very young (Tips on how to make a music playlist). Make sure that the room is arranged neatly to avoid accidents during the party.

Games and Activities for Your Classroom Party

As much as possible, make the games and activities for your classroom party fun and educational. There should be a balance of thinking and physical games. Try to incorporate your lessons in the games so the children can learn while enjoying themselves. Here are some games and activities that will keep your students running and thinking fast:

Musical chair for game

Musical chairs: Musical chairs is easy to play in a classroom setting because there are plenty of chairs around. Arrange the chairs in a circular formation and ask for participants. The number of chairs should be one less than that of the participants. Play a song on the sound system and ask your students to dance around the chairs as the music plays.

Participants should quickly sit on the chairs when the music stops. Since there aren’t enough chairs for everybody, one student is always left standing and leaves the game. Continue the game as chairs are removed one by one. Award a prize to the student that sits on the last chair.

Alphabet game: This game is suitable for young children because it requires them to think while having fun. The first player in the game chooses a category, such as animals, geography, people, and places. He then thinks of a word from that category. For example, if the topic chosen was places, he could say the word BRAZIL. The next player must think of a word in the same category starting with the last letter of the previous word; for instance, LAOS. The third player then says SWEDEN, and so on. Players who can’t give words must leave the game, and the player that remains wins.

Animal charades game

Animal charades: This game is perfect if you are studying animals. Write names of various animals on strips of paper, then put the strips in a bowl. Animals could include pigs, dogs, cats, horses, and frogs. Next, divide your students into two or three teams. Each team chooses a member who will act out the words on the strips of paper. The other members should guess the animal that the actor pantomimes. Set a time limit on how long your students can guess. Give scores to teams who guess the animals within the time limit. The team who scores the highest wins. (Learn how to play charades)

Grouping game: This is a fun, fast-paced game. The game starts as everyone collects as one big group. Call out any number between two and fifteen that is less than half of the total number of participants. All the participants then scramble to form a group with that number of members. Members in a group should latch arms or wrap their arms around each other so you can see who is in the group. Players who can’t enter a group have to leave the game. More and more players leave the game as you call out more numbers. The winning group could have anywhere from two to five members.

Painting constest party game

Painting contest: If you’re an art teacher, then the best way to put your students’ art skills to the test is by holding a painting contest. Provide the students with paint and sheets of paper. Choose a category, then ask them to paint anything that’s related to that category; for example, “people.” They can paint policemen, firemen, teachers, and businessmen. You can either give them paintbrushes or just let them paint with their hands and fingers. Closely observe your students during this activity though, because some of them might put paint into their mouths. Award the prize to the best painter or give all of your students prizes so they’ll be more encouraged to paint.

Clay modeling: Clay modeling is another fun activity that sharpens the artistic sense of students. Provide them with modeling clay and tell them to make figures out of it. Give participants a theme; for instance, tools or animals. Choose a winner among your students or give all of them prizes to further encourage them to engage in art.

Foods for Your Classroom Party

The food you will serve in your classroom party should be fun to eat to keep the spirits of your students high. Some of the food should also be heavy because your students will do a lot of physical and thinking games. The following foods will keep your students running and thinking fast during the party:

  • Spaghetti: Children absolutely love spaghetti because it has a rich, sweet flavor and it’s fun to play with the noodles. Be careful not to put too much spaghetti on your students’ plates though, because they might just end up playing with it.
  • Pizza: Pizza is another treat that will keep your students moving. Kids love pizza because it’s tasty and fun to eat. You can either make your own pizza at home or order from a fast food restaurant. If you’re ordering, choose at least two flavors of pizza so your students can choose which one they like.
  • Hot dogs: Some kids are bound to refuse to eat the foods you will serve however tasty they are. They might go for hot dogs though because they are delicious and very quick to eat. Place a big pile of hot dogs on a table and let your students eat them all they want.
  • 6
    Delicious pizza
    Yummy muffins
    Sweet ice cream
  • Cookies and muffins: There are children who are extremely picky about what they eat, and they won’t go for messy-looking foods like pizza and spaghetti. To make sure that everybody eats, serve sweet treats like cookies and muffins during the party. You can either bake these treats yourself or order them from a restaurant.
  • Ice cream: Children always look forward to the desserts, so be sure to serve something really nice, like ice cream. Flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip, and mocha will surely make your students go back for more. Don’t let them eat too much ice cream, though, because their throats might get sore and irritated.
  • Cakes: Cakes are important, especially if you’re celebrating a student’s birthday. You can bake cakes at home or order from a bakery. Buy at least two flavors of cakes if you’re ordering from a bakery, so your students can choose which one they like.

Check out this video how a game of charades happen.

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Plan your classroom party carefully to avoid accidents and other unwanted things from happening. Consider what your students might do if seats are arranged this way or another way. The most important thing is that you can keep a close eye on every one of your students during the party. Children have a tendency to go wild when partying, so always be on the lookout for potential causes of injury. The great thing about a classroom party is that it might push your students to study harder and look at school in a brighter light.

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