Ethnic Theme Party Ideas

People love to party
It’s always fun to have a party. Not only will you get a chance to bond and spend time with your friends and family, but you’ll also be able to enjoy numerous fun activities and feast on delicious food. It’s an event where you can forget all the stress and problems of life and just have a good time. Parties are very special for us, which is why whenever we plan one, we make sure that it’s fun, entertaining and unforgettable.

However, before you can plan a party, you must first settle on a particular theme. Focusing on a particular culture will provide unity for all the elements of your party, but will also let you and your guests have a memorable time. It will let you explore the different kinds of cultures other nations have.

Chinese girl.
There are numerous kinds of ethnic theme parties you can choose from, depending on what kind of ambiance you want. If you’re interested in Oriental culture, you can settle on an Asian theme, such as a Chinese or a Japanese party. If it’s classy European culture you seek, you can have an Italian or French party. If bright colors are on your mind, a Mexican theme party would be perfect for you. It all depends on your taste. Here are several ethnic theme party suggestions you could use.

An Orient Party Twist: Chinese Theme Party

The Chinese people have one of the oldest and dominant cultures in the world today, and their festivities are always marked by dancing, fireworks and tons of Chinese food. The dominant color during these celebrations is red, symbolizing prosperity and good luck.

For your decorations, you can use red paper lanterns and red and gold streamers. If you have Buddha statues, you can also use them for a more religious but pleasing effect.

Dim Sum
For food, Dim Sum is a great chinese cuisine
Nothing beats eating chinese food with chopsticks
assorted chinese lanterns
Assorted chinese lanterns for special occation.

As for the food, focus on the different delicious cuisines of China, including dim sum (light food items, such as dumplings, spring rolls and lo mai gai), congee or rice porridge, noodle soups, fried rice, tofu and meat buns. Serve these along with chopsticks so that the guests will feel as if they’re in China. For the drinks, hot green tea or jasmine tea should be served, since they help in the digestion process.

Want to learn how to use chopsticks? Just watch the video below.

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Enjoying Italy: Italian Theme Party

Pasta: deliciously Italian
Italians have one of the most elegant cultures in the world today, and their cuisine is characterized as a rustic, flavorful and healthy. If you’re using an Italian theme, it’s best to have a dinner party to easily create the illusion that you’re in Italy. For one, it’s better to eat at wooden tables that have no tablecloths on them. Then, use potted herbs, flowers or olives for your table centerpiece.

For the food, Italian cuisine is popular for its risotto, pasta dishes and pizza. Make sure these three types of food are served at your party. Having a bottle of wine is also a must since Italy is the largest producer of wine. For dessert, tiramisu cake is a very delicious item you could serve. After the guests had their fill of the main course and dessert, serve hot espresso coffee.

Want to learn how to cook pasta? Check this out.

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Having a Fiesta: Mexican Theme Party

A Mexican party, or a “fiesta”; is always a fun and colorful event, so if you want to use this theme, you should prepare numerous decorations, such as streamers, banners and piƱatas, to liven up your party. Place them around your backyard, since most Mexican parties are held outdoors.

Try to hit the pinata and get candies
For your food, serve your guests a wide variety of spicy and delicious Hispanic dishes, such as nachos, salsa, tacos, burritos and tostadas. For the final touch, serve delicious tropical fruit salad or sweet Mexican treats.

Holding an ethnic theme party is not only enjoyable and exciting, but it’s also a great way of learning new cultures. Try to come up with a fun ethnic theme, and your guests will surely admire you for your ingenuity and creativity.

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