Gymnastics Party Ideas

Your daughter can’t stop watching the live telecasts of her favorite sport — gymnastics. She’s a die-hard fan of the sport as she loves to jump, tumble, run and skip. She even takes gymnastics classes and competes in various meets in and out of school. If she really likes gymnastics and you want to show how supportive you are of this beautiful sport, here’s a great suggestion you can try. Why not organize a gymnastics party on her next birthday? She and her friends will jump with joy for this unique and special theme.

A gymnastics party is exciting but to plan, but to do it successfully, you must be prepared to take care of all the necessary details to make the event a success. In the end, you’ll have a majestic celebration any gymnastics fan will enjoy.

Here are some tricks and tips for a marvelous gymnastics-themed kiddie party.

Invite Them to Twist, Tumble and Skip

To save time, you can visit your local party supply store and pick out invitations with gymnastic prints on them. These may come in different designs, from funny animated ones to those that feature athletes doing gymnastic stunts. Pick an invitation that will suit your celebration best, fill in the details and mail them to your guests.

If you think you’ve got enough time on your hands, you can also make homemade invitations. You will not only save cash, but you’ll also get to practice your creativity. Your guests will also be impressed with all the efforts you’ve put into making these crafty invites.

One idea is to gather pictures of popular gymnasts. You can either download them from the Internet or cut them out from sports magazines. Paste them on folded cards, write the details inside and put them inside envelopes. Add some colorful confetti inside.

Invite visitors to twist, tumble and skip! Check out this video below.

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Another idea is to make your invites look like gold medals. Cut out cardboard circles and spray them with gold spray-paint or cover with gold foil. Print the details on the back, then attach a colorful ribbon so the guests can wear them around their necks.

Here’s another invitation idea: Take a picture of your child doing a cartwheel, then photocopy it. Paste on cardstock paper and draw a little speech balloon next to the picture. Write something like “I’m having a gymnastics birthday party! Come tumble with me for some exciting gymnast fun!”

It’s great if you can be creative with your invitation wording. Write something like “Gymnasts will be on the balance beam, and we want you to be part of the team! Join us as we celebrate ____’s birthday with a fun gymnastics party!” You can also write “Meet us at the meet on ____! Expect lots of party fun and games! You’ll get a medal if you’re not late!”.

Preparing The Gym

Now that you’ve informed your guests, you can now move on to preparing the party venue. It’s wonderful if you can have the party at an actual gym. Most local gyms or YMCAs permit parties or celebrations, but at a certain schedule and with fees. They can even help you in terms of decorations and other party materials you may need. Coordinate with them and see if you can arrange to have your child’s party there.

If not, then you can just have the party at home. You just need to vamp it up to achieve a fun gymnastic atmosphere any kiddie medalist will love. Here are some ideas you can try.

  • Get the usual party supplies like balloons, confetti and streamers in the motif you chose. You can never go wrong with this décor. Hang the streamers on the walls, let the balloons float to the ceiling or tie them to chairs, and sprinkle the confetti all over the tables and the floor.
  • Find gymnastic-themed party supplies like tablecloths, napkins, plates, cups and utensils and use them for your table settings.
  • Get posters or blown-up pictures of popular gymnasts and put them around the walls of the venue.
  • 13
    Let balloons on ceiling
    Hang gymnast photos
    Display trophies on table
  • Find or make banners that say “Go USA!”, “Go Canada!” or “Go For Gold!” and place them around the place.
  • Make giant gold medals using cardboard boxes and gold spray-paint or gold foil. Attach ribbons to them, and hang them on your fence.
  • If your daughter has gymnastics memorabilia like framed photos, trophies or medals, display them at a table during the party.
  • Spread gymnastic mats on the floor where the children can play.
  • Hang national flags around the walls.
  • Play Olympic music in the background for a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Dressed to Compete

Dress like a gymnast
Since it’s a gymnastics party, it’s great if the kiddies can come in their best gymnast attire. Ask them to come in their leotards and put their hair up in ponytails or buns. This will let them move easily and enjoy the party better.

If you don’t want to burden the kids and their parents with buying or finding leotards, you can simply ask them to wear typical play clothes. Any outfit will do as long as they can jump, twirl, stretch and play in the venue.

You can also provide the kiddies with ribbons or streamers, the same ones used by gymnasts when they perform. You can tie them to sticks or secure them around the kids’ wrist. Just make sure they’re not too long so that no one will tread on them.

Fun Gymnastics Games

Gymnastics is so much fun and your party should be, too. You should prepare enough party activities and games to keep your gymnast and her friends preoccupied. These are several ideas you can try.

  • Coloring Gymnasts – This is a good pre-party activity the kids can do while waiting for their other playmates. Allot an area in your venue with tables, pencils, crayons, coloring books, sheets of paper, dot-to-dot workbooks and other coloring materials and direct the kids there as soon as they arrive. This will keep them preoccupied until all the guests have arrived.
  • The Hula Hoop Game - This is similar to the musical chairs game with a cute hula twist. First, get several hula hoops and put them in a circle. Leave room in between each hoop. Play some music and tell the kids to walk around the circle, stepping in every hoop. When the music stops, the kid that isn’t inside any hoop is out of the game. Repeat it, taking a hoop out every time. The last kid standing is the winner.
  • Body Mechanics – Prepare a series of gymnastics events the “contestants” must perform. They can be as simple as throwing a ball in the air, hopping on one foot 10 times, or jumping eight steps backwards without looking. For every “event”, award a ribbon to the best athlete.
  • 6
    Hula hoop games
    Jump rope challenge
    Balance beam fun game
  • Jump Rope Challenge – You need the help of several adults for this game. Designate several areas for jumping rope. Each one has a degree of difficulty. One by one, the kids must go through the rope areas. If they go through one, they can move on to the next station.
  • Balance Beam – You need an eight to 10-foot long, two by four inches board for this activity. Wrap it in a sheet or old blanket and secure it with electrical tape to keep it from slipping. Balance it on a couple of bricks. One by one, the kids must walk across it. Those who fall off are out of the game. For every round, increase the difficulty by asking the kids to walk backwards, sideways and even with their eyes closed. The kids who clear all the rounds will be declared winners.
  • The Handstand Challenge - Pair the kids and let them decide who will be the spotter and who will be the gymnast. The gymnast must perform a handstand while his spotter gives assistance so the gymnast won’t fall or get hurt. To ensure the kids’ safety, ask another adult to help you supervise this activity.

Yummy Gymnast Diet

All that tumbling, twirling and stretching will make any gymnast hungry. To satiate everyone’s appetite, make sure you prepare delightful snacks that’ll bring back their energy for more gymnast fun.

    Gymnast cake
    Vegies on tray
    Gymnast sandwich
  • Gymnastics Cake – Bake a round cake in any flavor your kid likes. Frost it with red, white and blue frosting. Then put gymnast cake toppers on the surface for a superb look.
  • Vegetable Tray – Gymnasts need to eat healthy to maintain their bodies and what can be healthier than yummy vegetables? Arrange olives, carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes on a tray and serve with peanut butter, humus, French onion dip or salsa. If you think kids won’t be too crazy about veggies, serve fruit instead.
  • PB and J Sandwiches For Gymnast Stars – Make regular peanut butter and jelly sandwiches then cut them into star shapes using star-shaped cookie cutters.

Fruit bars, cheese and crackers, power bars, and chicken wings are other food items you can serve at the party. For the drinks, you can prepare healthy fruit smoothies, bottled water or sports drinks like Gatorade.

Gymnastics Giveaways

Give some giveaways like yo-yo
Before your party ends, make sure you give out fun party favors to your guests. Get goody bags and fill them up with items like body tattoos, pencils, stickers, blowing bubbles, yo-yos, paddle balls, hair accessories, headbands, sticker sheets, chocolate “medals” and candies. These are wonderful treats your guests will surely enjoy.

Try these fun ideas and watch everyone bend, jump, twirl, and twist in delight!

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