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21st birthday celebration

The 21st birthday party is a freedom board for having fun, as long as it presents a balance between hedonism and sentimentality. Preparing such an event is only challenging because you have so many options to choose from. You can narrow down your choices by basing the celebration on the celebrant’s personality and interests.

Invitation: Legally Invited

The invitation’s appearance depends on the party’s theme and formality.

    Elegant party invitation

  • Formal Invitation - Create an elegant and stylish invitation made from beautiful cardboard paper. You can actually create a female debut invitation without the lace and the floral patterns. Chose an elegant font like Helvetica or Palatino Linotype to further accentuate the formality of the event. Indicate the schedule of activities, the special guests/participants and their roles, and the food served. Don’t forget to place small ornaments and pictures of the celebrant on the invitation.
  • Legal Age - Highlight an activity that can only be done, at least legally, by people who are 21 years old and above. Think of freely ordering alcohol, buying cigarettes, watching adult movies ad entering night clubs. Since 21-year olds have the entire world in front of them, that detail can be reflected through the invitation, especially for informal parties.
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    Jersey number 21 desing for invitation

  • 21 Things - The number 21 is a good representation for the invite. You can use images of 21 shots of tequila, the number 21, blackjack terms, or any prominent group of objects associated with the number. Just choose the most applicable theme for the celebrant.
  • Jersey Number 21 - For sports fans, you can create an invitation that resembles a jersey bearing the number 21. Download a picture of the jersey on the internet (Tim Duncan’s jersey number is 21). Edit the name on the sports item and replace it with the important info regarding the party. Print the document on cardboard paper then cut out the jersey to up the coolness factor.
  • 21 Things I Hate About You - Remember the movie “10 Things I Hate About You,” especially the popular scene where Heath Ledger read his list? You can use that list and the movie as motivation for your invite. Play with the title and make it more applicable for the party. As for the party-related info, make them appear as if they are part of Heath Ledger’s list. This invite will work best with female celebrants.

The invitation should give the recipients a sneak peek of the entire celebration. Through its font and design, the attendants will have the right mindset for the party. It must leave a good impression and present something to look forward to. For more information on creating invitations, read how to make birthday party invitations.

Party casual attire

Attire: Wear Your Age Proud

What everyone will wear is relative to the party’s theme. A serious affair requires formal wear or at least something smart casual. Informal parties are more fun than formal, so you can wear the wardrobe that you don on Saturday nights. Parties with outlandish themes compel everyone to wear a particular set of clothes. Try to conform with the event’s prescribed dress code, so you totally revel in the party atmosphere.

Venue: Where the Young and the Restless Roost

Just like the attire, the venue is relative to the party’s required specifics, though selecting a location plays a big role in its success. Several locations are pretty popular, when it comes to birthday parties, given the tastes of 21 year olds.

  • The Poolside - Pool parties are wild and are often yearned for by young people. Find a place with a swimming pool and a sizable pool area. Set up a long table for the buffet and a stage for the program. Surround the area with tables and chairs, leaving an open area at the middle, which is for dancing, games and activities.
  • The Night Club - When you say fun to a 21-year old, one of the first things that will come to mind is the nightclub. It is a part of a youngster’s definition of the nightlife. The nightclub is a good place for birthday bashes. Call the management of a popular club and reserve it for the celebration. Tell them to hold an open bar at the said date so the alcohol will be overflowing. You can also cue the DJs if you are particular with the music genre for the party.
  • Fancy Restaurant/Hotel - For the luxurious kids, holding the party in a fancy restaurant or a hotel is simply perfect. The ambiance of the location will enhance the tone of the celebration. Just contact the manager of the joint to have the place booked for your event. The preparations and arrangements will be easy.
  • pool party
    Poolside party
    night club
    Night club party
    beach party
    Beach party
  • The Beach - If you think the swimming pool is not enough to contain your excitement, you can set up a beach party. You can go swimming in the morning and afternoon, as you try to meet beautiful people along the way. Come nightfall, everyone will be gathered around the bonfire for rounds of good conversation and alcohol. Bring a guitar so you can sing songs until the wee hours.
  • Concert - The thrills and spills brought by a live concert is had to find in other places. If the celebrant’s favorite artist or band is playing in the area, this could be the perfect party.

Check out this video for a surprise 21st birthday party.

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Activities and Games: It’s Fun to be 21

Birthday parties for 21-year olds are filled with fun activities, which are often dubbed the highlights of such events. These endeavors are laced with much hedonism and a little drama for the celebrant. You have much to choose from, making this section the least of your worries.

    hard drinks
    Open bar for 21st birthday party

  • Open Bar - Overflowing alcohol is a frequent occurrence, especially for male 21st birthday parties, regardless of whether they’re formal or informal. Beer, spirits and hard drinks give character to the night, as the people get a little rowdy and pretty sexy. (When this time comes you must be ready, learn the Top ten ways to increase your alcohol tolerance)
  • Dance Dance Dance - Pair good dance music with barrels of alcohol and it will become a memorable night for dancing. Naturally, tipsy young people will throw their inhibitions away as the dance numbers become steamy. Singles will eventually grab dates while couples will be a little more passionate than usual. Interested? Set up a sizable dance floor, strategically placed ledges and poles, and several hours worth of dance music.
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    21 shots for the celebrant

  • Food Fight - A good precursor to pool parties is the food fight. People, when splattered with gravy and food bits, will have a good reason to jump into the pool. Soon, everyone will have fun wading in the water, with or without their clothes on.
  • The Tour of Legality - Being 21 opens the door towards a handful of hedonistic possibilities. You can enjoy your newfound privileges by making a sweep at all the things and places that were previously unavailable to you. Purchase umpteen rounds of alcohol at a liquor store then hop from one nightclub to another. Getting smashed with alcoholic beverages is now a welcome option, unless you’re driving.
  • 21 Shots - If women have the 18 roses for their debuts, males celebrate theirs with 21 shots of different mixed drinks. Each speaker, who will give a speech for the celebrant, is required to take a shot before proceeding with his or her speech. Everyone can then drink to their hearts content right after the formal proceedings.

As you can see, the games and activities are centered on breaking free from the 20-year old chain of restrictions. They will realize how much fun it is to be a young adult.

Ripe for Adulthood, Ripe for a Real Party

The 21st birthday party may seem rough and rowdy but it simply captures the energy of a 21-year old. It won’t be long before he or she focuses on the serious side of life, now that he or she has entered the formal start of adulthood. The youngster will have no regrets by the time he or she decides to start a professional legacy.

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