Rock and Roll Party Ideas

Playing guitar for rock and roll

If you and your friends are all fans of rock and roll or rock music in general, then why not have a rock and roll party? You can do it to celebrate the release of a new album by your favorite rock band or just to have fun with your friends. The best thing about a rock and roll party is that you can do it any time you have a craving for lots of fun and music.

Invitations for your Rock and Roll Party

The wild rock and roll party starts with your party invitations. You can buy pictures of rock musicians and write the details of the invitation at the back. If you don’t want to buy pictures, simply search the Web for photos of your favorite rock idols and then print them.

Another thing you can do is to make paper cutouts of musical instruments, like guitars and drums. Use crayons and pens to draw the features of the musical instruments, then write the details on the front. Old CD cases can also be used as party invitations. Remove the old covers of the CDs and slip in the party invitations on the front.

Rock and Roll Party Decorations

Your rock and roll party should capture the ecstatic mood of a rock concert. As much as possible, the venue should look like a stage for a rock concert. All the decorations should capture the free and wild spirit of rock and roll music. Here are some tips on how to decorate the venue for your party:

Playing drums on the state

Set up a stage: If some of your friends have a band or play musical instruments, set up a stage where they can perform during the party. They may bring their own instruments or you can provide them some instruments if you also play yourself. Make sure that the wiring is done right to prevent accidents and test the sound system beforehand.

Fill the room with rock posters: What’s a rock and roll party without posters of your favorite bands and musicians posted on walls? Fill the room or the venue with rock posters to get the wild mood of a rock concert. You may fix the posters on the walls in a slightly helter-skelter manner to capture the anything-goes attitude of rock.

Scatter guitar on the floor

Scatter rock and roll items: The place can be as messy as you want as long as there is enough space to dance, eat food, and do other party activities. Scatter items like guitars, song books, rock costumes, and confetti around the room. The venue should look like it’s being used by rock stars to hang out.

Streamers and lights: Set up lights around the venue to complete the look of the place. Be careful when connecting lights to prevent injuries. It’s best to hold the party at night so there will be more shadows that will make the lights stand out. Ask others for help if you can’t set up the lights yourself. Also, put up streamers on the walls to make the place look really wild.

Rockin’ and Rollin’ Games and Activities

No party is complete without fun games and activities to do. All the activities for a rock and roll party should be lively and loud. You can do some thinking games, but they should all be related to rock music. Here are some things you can do at the party:

The famous beatles band

Play rock and roll music: The most important thing to do in a rock and roll party is to play some rock and roll music. Rock and roll music includes hits from musicians such as Elvis, Chuck Berry, and The Beatles. You may also include more recent genres of rock in your party’s playlist. Ask guests to bring their own rock CDs, so that everyone gets to listen to their favorite songs. (Why don’t you play songs from the list of the Top ten most amazing rock bands of all time)

Perform as a band: If you and your friends have a band, then a rock and roll party is the best place to perform your songs. Your friends who are not part of the band can just watch you perform. While this is a fun activity to do, be careful not to overdo it because your other friends might get bored when they’re just listening to your songs throughout the whole party. Play three to five songs and then move on to other activities to make all the guests happy.

The misheard lyrics challenge for games

Misheard lyrics challenge: Notice how many rock songs today are so loud and distorted that it’s extremely hard to make out the words? You can challenge your friends to make out the lyrics of these songs, and whoever gives the closest guess gets a prize. Think of rock songs beforehand and then search their real lyrics on the Internet. If your friends are big fans of rock, then this game might be too easy for them. In this case, search the Web for relatively unpopular rock tracks with lyrics that are difficult to make out.

Dance the night away: Itching to dance and just go wild? You can do that and more in a rock and roll party. Turn up the volume of your sound system and stomp on the dance floor with your friends. Be careful though, as you might hit nearby furniture. It’s best to clear the room of any obstructions if you plan to dance wildly on the dance floor.

Foods for your Rock and Roll Party

The foods you will serve at your rock and roll party should be light and easy to eat. Guests should be able to nibble on them while continuing to sing and dance to the rock and roll music playing in the background. Don’t serve heavy foods because your guests might focus more on eating them than on enjoying the music. The following finger foods will keep hunger at bay so you can rock longer:

Chicken wings and dip for party food

Chicken wings: Whether they are honey-glazed, sweet and sour or Buffalo-style, chicken wings are always a hit for parties. Save time by purchasing baked chicken wings and then just reheat them before the party.

Baby red potatoes: Steam baby red potatoes, add a bit of kosher salt while they’re hot, then let them cool. Cut the potatoes in half and scoop out their centers. Leave a quarter of an inch of potato inside, then fill the skins with sour cream and herbed cream cheese. Add salsa, chicken salad or ground beef to the mixture and serve at room temperature.

Quick dips: Serve club crackers with raspberry chipotle sauce or tortilla chips in cream cheese. Your friends will enjoy these finger foods while moving and grooving to the music. (Learn how to make a skeleton and brain dip)

Delicious meat sandwich for party

Sandwiches: It’s not advisable to order expensive submarine sandwiches; instead, make your own sandwiches by buying a loaf of bread from the bakery. Fill the sandwiches with cheeses and meats, wrap them in foil, then refrigerate. You can reheat them in the oven later or serve them cold.

Hot dogs: Hot dogs are easy to prepare and quick to eat. You can serve them alone or put them in buns with cheese.

Cookies and muffins: Serve muffins and cookies for dessert. Drinks could include fruit juices, milk, or iced chocolate milk.

Check out this video of The Beatles band top 10 songs for your party.

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A rock and roll party is a great way to be with friends and take a break from your regular daily routine. Have fun all you want but be careful to prevent accidents from occurring. In addition, if you’re planning to hold the party at home, you may want to check if the sounds can reach your neighbors’ houses. Make sure that the rock and roll music is not playing too loud or your neighbors might find it difficult to sleep.

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