Spring Break Party Ideas

The beach is perfect for a Spring break party
For many students, spring break is a time when they go home and spend time with their families. For some, this only means one thing: party time! It’s when they get to celebrate without feeling guilty about schoolwork. They can enjoy the company of their fellow students while dancing, eating, drinking or by just mingling around. A spring break theme party is much anticipated by many university students today.

Since the season offers lots of sun and fun, most spring break theme parties are done at the beach. Students would come in large numbers, set up tents along the beach, and start to party. There’s a lot of music and dancing during these parties. Drinking alcohol is also a common practice, although it was prohibited by many local governments.

Planning a spring break theme party is pretty easy. As long as you know the basics of party planning, putting this event together would be a cinch. Here are several tips that might be able to help you.

  • Find a suitable venue. With the large number of students that go to the beach during spring break, it can be difficult finding a beautiful place that’s not too crowded. Instead of going to popular beaches, try to find ones that are still enjoyable, but have less people. That way, you can all move around more freely.
  • Prepare your beach wear. It’s all about beach fun, so remember to don your sexiest, most flattering swimsuit. For women, a bikini or a one-piece tube suit are very popular. For men, board shorts, surfer shorts or swimming trunks are suitable.
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    Women wearing their sexiest bathing suits
    Hundreds of students enjoying spring break
    Board shorts are the perfect outfit for the beach
  • Have a set of fun activities to do. Although most students stick to dancing and socializing during beach parties, some become bored after a little while. Arrange fun activities, so that this won’t happen. A game of beach volleyball would be fun. You can also rent water sports equipment so that you can ski, surf or go parasailing.
  • Munchies are a must. Stick to simple food items you can easily buy, such as pizza, chips, nachos and dip. If you want, you can also have a barbecue during the party, and your favorite grilled foods, such as burgers and hotdogs, can be cooked and served.

Check out these videos for barbecue tips for your party.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

  • Limit the alcohol. Many university students like drinking when they party, but this can be very dangerous. There have been numerous reports of teenage deaths or accidents during spring break parties because they’re under the influence of alcohol. To avoid these misfortunes, lessen your alcohol intake, or better yet, don’t serve alcohol at all.

Spring break theme parties are always very fun, and as long as you’re responsible enough to plan them, you won’t have a difficult time. After all, it’s your much-deserved vacation, right? So get your beach stuff ready and prepare to party!

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